Sock Monkey Party

Sock Monkey Party Ideas and Inspirations

Give them a party all about cute and cuddly characters! You can give them a sock monkey party that will be unforgettable in their class! Use us as a one stop shop so that you can put together a party that fits the sock monkey theme perfectly. With the many and varied party supplies you can find on this page, you’re certain to get your child’s birthday in the top ten at their school, if not number one! You’re going to love watching your child have hours or birthday fun while surrounded by this sock monkey character, who they’re going to feel is the guest of honor at their birthday!

We have decorated standard birthday invitations and thank-yous with this unforgettable sock monkey character, so you can make your child’s party memorable from beginning to end! This sock monkey will give your child’s friends a cheery and fun introduction to the party theme, so they can get ready for the birthday of their lives! The decorations we have on offer for the party itself are just as cool, since they put your beloved sock monkey on wall decals, cardboard standups, and so much more! You’ll even find balloons and pinatas that will make your child feel like they’re playing party games with this adorable sock monkey.

This sock monkey can help your child blow out their birthday candles too, since the cake supplies we offer on this category page are just as great as all our other decorations! Get our tableware for your child and they’ll find this cheery sock monkey on all their plates and napkins, or they might like a cake topper or centerpiece for their meal! You can even have the sock monkey greet your child personally, with our personalization decorations that put your child’s name all over their party! You can also send your child’s friends home with favors and gifts that will keep this sock monkey in their lives for a long time to come!

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