Sock Monkey Party Ideas

Sock Monkey Party Ideas Bookmark and Share Sock monkeys were originally sewn out of Rockford Red Heel socks by women in the early 20th century. Since then, sock monkeys have become a piece of nostalgia loved by both children and adults. If you're looking for a trendy vintage birthday theme for your toddler then hold on to your socks and get ready to party with a bunch of monkeys! Shop our Sock Monkey Party Supplies Browse this guide: Sock Monkey Invitations Sock Monkey Decorations Sock Monkey Food Sock Monkey Party Favors Sock Monkey Games & Activities

Planning & Invitations

What Do I Need For the Party? In addition to basic Sock Monkey party supplies, like plates, cups, napkins and decorations, you may want to consider purchasing, borrowing or renting the following items for your Sock Monkey party:
  • Sock monkeys
  • Original Rockford Red Heel socks
  • Sock monkey knit hats, slippers or other accessories
  • Red and brown fabric to sew into decorations
  • Mason jars
  • Red and brown candy or treats
  • A pinata
Sock Monkey Party Invitation Ideas Invite your guests to monkey around by making your own creative invitations. If you have the time, here are some ideas to inspire you.
  • Take a photo of your child hugging a sock monkey or wearing a sock monkey hat and print enough copies for each guest. On the back of each photo glue cardstock with the party information typed neatly on it. You can also include a small bag of banana Runts candy with each invite.
  • Create monkey tails with long strips of brown felt threaded with elastic string. Include the tails with the invitations for your guests to wear at the party.
  • Take a photo of you and your child making a funny face. Write "Monkey see. Monkey Do!" on the front of the card with the photo. Include the party information on the inside.
  • Deliver your invitations rolled up inside a sock. You can use Red Heel socks or just brown socks to get the point across. Tie each sock closed with a pretty red bow. On the invitation you can write a silly rhyme such as:
We're going bananas on Justin's birthday,So hold on to your socks and head over this way. A sock monkey invasion is about to take place, Please RSVP cause there's no time to waste!

Decorating & Food Ideas

Sock Monkey Party Decoration Ideas Get inspired by the way sock monkeys are made for your decorations. Here are some ideas that involve a little bit of sewing or none at all.
  • Ask your guests to remove their shoes when the party begins. This way, everyone is in their socks! If you can, provide them Red Heel socks to wear.
  • Sew your own pennant banner out of red, white and brown scraps. Simply cut 12 pennant shaped triangles out of the fabric and sew them in a row onto a 6 foot by 4 inch strip of fabric. Note: the banner will look cleaner if the edges are hemmed.
  • Create a table runner out of red fabric and place it down the center of the dining table. Then, arrange each place setting around the perimeter of the table.
  • The clothing designer Paul Frank uses a sock monkey as his company's logo. You may be able to find fabric with this logo pattern already on it to sew into cloth napkins or placemats.
  • Use our personalized monkey lollipops to create a gorgeous centerpiece. To make one, fill a tall clear vase with yellow gumballs or banana Runts candy and then arrange a dozen lollipops on top. Tie a red bow around the vase to finish the candy bouquet.
Sock Monkey Party Food Ideas In addition to pizza, chicken fingers, hamburgers or hotdogs, you can add some Sock Monkey themed food into the mix. Here are some suggestions.
  • Coconut Chicken: Make your own breaded chicken fingers but added shredded coconut into the mixture. The result is chicken that's crunchy and sweet.
  • Color-coordinate the party snacks: Arrange red, brown and white candy on the party table in mason jars. Some candy ideas are red licorice, tootsie rolls, Snow Caps, strawberry candy, and mini chocolate bars.
  • PB&J with Bananas: Serve peanut butter, jelly and banana sandwiches.
  • Monkey Bread: Prepare monkey bread using our easy to follow recipe. You may want to cut the bread into bite-sized pieces for your guests and then serve in a bowl.
  • Chocolate Banana Smoothies: Slice coconuts in half and use the shells as cups. In a blender, combine 1 banana, 1 tablespoon chocolate syrup, 1 cup milk and 1 cup crushed ice. Blend until smooth and serve inside the coconut shell!
Sock Monkey Cake Idea Use our diagram and instructions below to make your own tasty sock monkey cake. If you need cake batter or icing recipes, check out this guide.
  1. Bake 2 round cakes with your favorite cake batter.
  2. Frost between the two layers with milk chocolate icing (or light brown) and then save some icing for decorating the top of the cake.
  3. To decorate the top of the cake you will need 10 red licorice vines, 2 Oreo cookies, black, red and white icing and light brown frosting.
  4. Fill in the top half of the cake with the leftover light brown frosting. Make sure the bottom arcs up a bit in order to get the shape of the face correct.
  5. Then, ice the bottom of the face with white frosting.
  6. Draw a white stripe at the top of the cake to create the monkey's headband.
  7. Draw two black eyes with black frosting just above the top half.
  8. Draw two lines for the nostrils in the middle of the face (on the white icing).
  9. Draw a large red mouth and fill it in with red frosting.
  10. Insert one Oreo cookie in-between the two cake layers on each side of the cake so that they poke out to form the ears.
  11. Finally, insert 10 licorice vines between the layers of cake on the top of the head to make the sock monkey's pompom hat.

Party Favor Ideas

Sock Monkey Party Favor Ideas Thank your guests with wild party favors! To find a large variety of Monkey party favors, visit our Sock Monkey party page and click the "Party Favors" tab or the "More Fun Stuff" tab. Some of the favors we have include:
  • Monkey wind-up toys
  • Monkey stationary sets
  • Monkey stickers
  • Banana candy
  • Temporary Tattoos
  • Monkey lollipops

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