Smurf Costume Guide

Smurf Costume Guide

To dress up as a Smurf you will need a few key items:

  • White pants
  • A blue shirt
  • Blue face paint
  • A white Smurf hat

To Make a Smurf Hat:
  1. Pull a small white t-shirt over your head.
  2. Start to take off the shirt but stop when the shirt reaches your forehead.
  3. Let the shirt hang off your head and bunch it into the shape of a Smurf's hat.
  4. You can use staples, duct tape or sew the hat in the correct form.

Smurf Names and Accessories
  1. Brainy (Glasses)
  2. Farmer (overalls, straw hat)
  3. Grandpa Smurf (long white beard, cane, yellow hat and pants)
  4. Handy (overalls, hammer)
  5. Harmony (trumpet)
  6. Hefty (sleeves rolled up with heart tattoos on each shoulder)
  7. Jokey (yellow gift box with red bow)
  8. Painter (art palette)
  9. Papa Smurf (red Smurf hat and white beard)
  10. Poet (parchment and quill)
  11. Reporter (notepad and pen)
  12. Sassette (red braided hair, pink overalls)
  13. Sloppy (patches on costume, dirt)
  14. Smurfette (blonde wig)
  15. Tailor (wear a tailor ruler around neck)
  16. Vanity (hand mirror)

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