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Skylanders Party Ideas Bookmark and Share Step onto the Portal of Power and save Skylands from the evil Kaos with a Skylanders themed party! With Skylanders multitude of characters and plotlines, your party will include something that every single one of your guests can enjoy. Your son or daughter will love transporting themselves into their favorite video game when you accessorize their party with Skylanders themed decorations, food, tableware, and activities. Get ready to choose your elemental category and become a brand new playable character when you have your Skylanders party! Shop our Skylanders Party Supplies. You cant successfully throw a Skylanders themed party without including appropriately themed items from beginning to end. Your child and their friends will be thrilled with your party when you accessorize with Skylanders items from the invitations to the party favors. This party guide will give you suggestions as to how you can make your Skylanders party the best one ever! Take a look at our ideas in the following categories: Browse this guide:

Planning & Invitations

What Do I Need For the Party?

In order to throw the best party possible, you need to plan appropriately! One of the most important planning decisions to make is where your party venue will be. Your home, your backyard, or an arcade would all be great places to host your Skylanders themed party. No matter where you choose, we offer a wide variety of Skylanders dinnerware, decorations, and other accessories for your convenience! Some items that may go well at your party are:
  • Your Playstation, Xbox, or Wii along with your Skylanders figurines so that your guests can play their favorite video game during the party
  • Skylanders plush characters
  • Skylanders Paper Masks
  • Printed badges of the eight elements so that your party guests can wear their favorite
  • Skylanders costumes so that your guests can dress up as their favorite character

Skylanders Party Invitations

Invitations definitely dont have to be boring! Make sure your friends and family know how great your party is going to be by sending them some awesome invitations. On our website, we offer a variety of invitations that you can purchase to send to your guests. However, invitations are also a great way to show off your creative side; if youre feeling crafty, make some of your own Spyro the Dragon invitations using the following steps:
  • Cut out pieces of paper in the shape of Spyros head
  • Fold the pieces of paper in half to make a card-style invitation
  • Color it purple and orange to match Spyros classic look, or decorate it in whatever way you would like
  • Include a fun poem to invite your friends to the party:
Skylanders need help Its time to defeat Kaos At Gina's Party! Just because youre not creative doesnt mean you cant have fun invitations! We offer both pre-written and personalized invitations on our website for you. If youre looking to write your own message to your guests, you can buy our Elements Force Personalized Invitations. For easy yet still stylish pre-made invitations, take a look at our Skylanders Invitations and Thank You Set. No matter what your preference is, youll be sure to find or make the perfect invitations for you and your party! Skylanders Personalized Invitations Skylanders Pre-Printed Invitations Personalized Skylanders Mailing Labels

Decorating & Food Ideas

Skylanders Party Decoration Ideas

  • Decorate your home with Skylanders signature figurines.
  • Bring the Skylands to you! Create your own vines using brown string and brow, golden, and green tissue paper that you can cut into leaves. These can be hung anywhere around your party venue.
  • Hang a Skylanders Happy Birthday Banner on the wall.
  • Buy a Skylanders Balloon Kit.
Skylanders Balloons width= Skylanders Deluxe Kit

Skylanders Themed Food Ideas

  • Bake your childs favorite type of cake and put Skylanders figurines on top.
  • For the undead among you, create some Skylanders Undead Bone Pretzels! Simple poke a piece of popcorn on each end of a skinny pretzel stick and dip in melted white chocolate until set.
  • For a healthy snack, buy some watermelon--after all, it heals and rejuvenates the Skylanders, so its the perfect way to give your party guests a boost of energy!
  • Sheep are included in every Skylanders game, so make sure you include them at your party with these Skylanders Sheep Cupcakes! Frost cupcakes with white frosting and cover with mini marshmallow use a chocolate donut hole for the head and give it eye with frosting.
Skylanders sheep cupcakes=

Party Favor Ideas

Skylanders Party Favors

Your guests took time out of their day for you to come to your party. Make sure you let them know how much you appreciate that by giving them each a Skylanders goody bag at the conclusion of your party! We offer a variety of items, both Skylanders themed and not, that would go great in your goody bags! If youre looking for an exclusively Skylanders themed goody bags, you can buy from our website:
  • Skylanders favor cups
  • Skylanders stickers
  • Skylanders 3D erasers
  • Skylanders character masks
In addition to these items, we offer some classic party favors that you can include in your goody bag, such as lollipops, space putty, glow sticks, and bubbles. You can also add in some personalized buttons, magnets, lollipops, and stickers to make your guests feel really special. With all of these options, you can mix and match until you create your perfect and unique goody bag for you guests. The possibilities for your Skylander favors are endless! Skylanders Loot Bags Skylanders Masks Skylanders Puzzle Erasers 

Party Planning Toolbox

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Games and Activities

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