The ReDonkeylous Cat-astrophe

Shrek Printable Game

What You'll Need:

  • The ReDonkeylous Cat-astrophe questions and answer sheet.
  • Six index cards
  • A notepad and pen for scorekeeping

  1. Write the word "ReDonkeylous" on two of the index cards.
  2. Write the word "Cat-astrophe" on two of the index cards.
  3. Write the word "Pinocchio" on two of the index cards.
  4. Separate the cards into two piles (one for each team) so that each pile has one of each word.

Note: If party guests are too young to read, paste pictures of Donkey, Puss in Boots and Pinocchio on the cards instead.

At the Party:

In this game you will be reading three kinds of sentences out loud to the children. Some sentences are facts about donkeys, some sentences are facts about cats and the rest are complete lies about donkeys and cats. To play, do the following:
  1. Divide the party guests into two teams and have each team pick a team leader.
  2. Give each team leader a set of three cards that read "ReDonkeylous, Cat-astrophe, and Pinocchio."
  3. Tell them you are going to read a sentence out loud. If the sentence is about donkeys, the first team captain that hands you the ReDonkeylous card gets a point for their team. If the sentence is about cats, the first team captain that hands you the Cat-astrophe card gets the point. If the sentence is a lie about donkeys and cats, the team leader should hand you the Pinocchio card.
  4. If neither team guesses correctly, no one gets a point.
  5. After the first question, hand the cards back to the team captains and ask the next question.
  6. Read the questions until one team gets 10 points and wins!
  7. You can choose to award the winning teams prizes like stickers, candy or small toys.
  8. You can also rotate team captains after each turn if you'd like.

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