Shopkins Party Ideas

By Emily Churchill

Created on June 14, 2016

Shopkins Party Invitations

Shopkins are the hottest toys right now and quickly becoming the most popular party theme for girls. What is great about a Shopkins themed party is that there are so many options and ways to incorporate a lot of characters. 

Invite your guests to Shop 'Til You Drop with colorful Shopkins themed party invitations.

Shopkins Party Decorations

Crepe paper streamers are greatcrepe paper streamer tassels are even better! They are really easy to create and can be made well in advance of your party. One of the best things about these is that you can choose all your own colors, unlike many of the packaged tassels where colors are limited. Paper lanterns dont always have to be hung. Use them to add color and dimension to the bottom of your tablescape which can help complete the overall look.

Decals are not just for walls! Mount the vinyl decals onto foam board and cut around the image. You can place the mounted decals on the wall, on the table, or on the floor as shown above. Once the party is over, carefully peel the decal from the foam board and use to decorate the birthday girls room.

Shopkins Party Food

There are so many foods to choose from within the Shopkins theme. Poppy Corn is one of the most recognizable charactersso you can serve popcorn in a popcorn box made to look like her. Here we have chosen six characters to feature in food: Bubble (bubble gum), Miss Twist (licorice), Pretz-Elle (pretzels), Strawberry Kiss (strawberries), Wild Carrot (baby carrots), and Asbury Raspberry (raspberries).

You can search through the list of Shopkins and find more food to feature. What makes Shopkins so appealing to kids is that they are small, cute, and collectible.

Create a two-for-one dessert/favor by placing a Shopkins in a grocery bag (included in this set) on a cupcake decorated with Shopkins themed CandyFetti from Sweets Indeed. If you want to create your own blind bags add a bit of tissue paper so no one knows what they are going to get!

Shopkins Activities & Favors

Create a small shopping area on your table and let your guests go shopping! Here are some ideas for your shop:

  • Sipper cup looks just like Kylie Cone
  • Cell phone liploss looks like Smarty Phone
  • Purple boxes decorated with pink ribbon looks like Miss Pressy
  • Bubble Gum scented nail polish looks just like Polly Polish
The great thing about this activity is that once your guests have loaded up their Shopkins shopping bags, they are ready to leave with favors in hand. Of course another big hit is the photo booth. The Shopkins photo props are adorable and your guests will love them. They could easily double as favors as well. If you want to create an additional activity you can play Who Am I? with the props. Hand each guest a prop but tell them not to look. Have them hold it up and ask the others questions about who they are. Whoever guesses who she is in the fewest amount of questions wins!

Shopkins Costumes

Help your birthday girl look just like a Shopkin! The Strawberry Kiss costume is adorable and will be the talk of the party. A perfect gift for this darling birthday girl would be matching accessories from Colorful Characters. Strawberry Kiss has never looked so sweet! Check out this post from Kylie for Free Shopkins food tents.

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