Shark Party Ideas

By Emily Churchill

Created on June 14, 2016

Get ready for a JAWesome good time! Your little shark, beach and surfer fans will love this shark themed party. There are plenty of ways to make this party totally unique and even merge it with another theme like sharks & surfers , sharks & sailors , sharks & mermaids , sharks & pirates…so many possibilities! Now, let’s swim right into all the creative ideas!

Cheryl from Moms & Munchkins styled, wrote and photographed this Shark Birthday Party. Stop by her blog to get helpful and creative ideas for parties and more!

Shark Party Invitations

Personalized invitations always save a lot of time when planning a party. Between decorating, baking, assembling favors and cleaning the house, anything that saves time is welcomed!

For the DIY types, check out these homemade shark birthday invitations.

Some fun wording for your shark party invitations includes:

  • Swim on over for a BITE of birthday cake at {child name}’s party!
  • You’re invited to a party you can really sink your teeth into!
  • Join us for a JAWesome party!
  • Come for a swim, stay for a bite.
  • Shark Attack!
  • Swim on over for the big celebration!
  • Just keep swimming…
  • Join us for a shark infested pool party!

Shark Party Decorating Ideas

For this theme, think underwater adventures – sharks, scuba divers, boats, beach, fish, sea creatures, etc. For this table set up I merged a few different ideas together with a beach & ocean backdrop, fish & chips stand and a sailboat with sharks swimming underneath.

For the backdrop, I did a little DIY project using the blue sky ocean beach backdrop. I started with 3 foam poster boards. On half of it, I included the sky & ocean part of the backdrop. On the other half I included the sky & sand but cut out the water portion. I added a “No Swimming: Shark Sighting” sign to the beach side.

The fish & chips stand and the sailboat were the main focal pieces of the main party table. The fish & chips stand was filled with potato chips and fish-shaped crackers. On the sailboat, I added some cupcakes with sailor cupcake picks. Under the sailboat were cupcakes with blue icing, little fish sprinkles and shark gummies.

Some other creative background decorating ideas include:

For the guest eating area, I started with a water plastic table cover then cut out a beach runner from the beach wall backdrop.  For a surfer mix to accent the shark theme, I added these lifeguard chairs (can use them as placeholders) and a Surfs Up centerpiece. For the centerpiece, I cut shark bites out of each surfboard so it better fit the shark party theme. Shark paper cups were added to the centerpiece and filled with gummy sharks. The table was finished off with some plastic shark cups that could double as party favors.

To keep the kids entertained while waiting for food or while they’re waiting for the other party guests to finish eating, they could play with these personalized activity mats. Remember to leave a few markers on the table for the guests to use.

Love this look or do you want to use your creativity to design something totally unique? Here are some supplies to help you get started:

Shark Party Food Ideas

Let your creativity go wild when it comes to party food for kids. It’s usually the simplest foods with some creative names that the kids enjoy the best. Some tasty ideas include:

  • mini sandwiches or cheeses cut into triangle shapes and labeled as “shark teeth”
  • fish & chips (fish sticks or even chicken fingers with French fries or potato chips)
  • cracker fish
  • “submarine” sub sandwiches

A fun idea for labeling food items is to order these personalized luggage tags and personalize them with the food names. For example, one could say “Shark Jell-O”, another could read “Shark Teeth”, etc.

Shark Party Desserts

There are plenty of ways to turn sea creatures into fun party desserts. Some tasty ideas for things you’d find above and below the water include:

Shark Party Photobooth

Party photobooths are always popular! What kid doesn’t want the chance to act silly with some fun props, right? These photos are a great addition to Thank You cards after the party.

To create this party backdrop, I started with an Under The Sea wall backdrop. These stick to the wall really well just with static – no tape or tacks required! There are other backdrops to choose from as well like:

I then used a personalized shark banner, mini inflatable fish, inflatable shark, green crepe streamer paper for ocean plants and some fun under the sea photo props.

Check out these supplies for creating your own shark photo booth:

Shark Party Games

Relay races are always a fun way to keep kids entertained and burning off sugar energy at a party. For this theme, you could include things suck as:

  • Untangle The Fish – tangle up some plastic or inflatable fish toys in a fish net and get the kids to free the fish
  • Water Toy Targets – set up some targets for the kids to knock down using squirting shark water toys
  • Walk The Plank – water print plastic table cover on the ground and have a raised board for the kids to run across without falling into the shark-infested water (see a photo for inspiration here)
  • Shark Tag – have an adult assigned to be the shark and have kids try to race past without getting caught
  • Fishing For Sharks – using a kids pool, plastic toy sharks with magnets on top and fishing rods with magnets at the bottom of the fishing line, have kids try to catch a shark

Some other fun shark activities and crafts include:

Another fun idea for a shark party is to host the party at a pool. Swimming and waterslides are always a popular party activity with kids.

Shark Party Favors

Depending on the size of your favor containers, you could order these mini round stickers or these slightly larger rectangle stickers with “Thanks for making my party JAWesome!” printed on them.

There are two cute shark themes for you to choose from – check out these rectangle stickers for a sample of the other shark theme. You can mix and match them too!

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