What's in Big Bird's Nest?

What's in Big Bird's Nest?

You will need:

  • Brown paper bags (one for each player)
  • Familiar items such as a yo-yo, toy car, orange, banana, lego block, cereal bowl, socks, or any objects around the house that the children may be able to identify through a closed paper bag.

Before The Party:

Put one item in each paper bag, fold down the top edge and staple the bag shut. Prepare a bag for each player.

At the Party:

Tell the children that Big Bird has lots of items in his nest, and in this game they get to guess what Big Bird is keeping inside the paper bags. Have the children sit in a circle with all the paper bags clustered together in the center. Tell the children that this is Big Bird's nest, and then have each child pick up one bag. Let them feel the object and try to guess what is inside the bag. Pass the bags around the circle and let other children feel and guess. Then open the bags and reveal the contents.

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