The Case of the Upset Stomach

Scooby-Doo Printable Game

Oh no! Shaggy ate something that made him sick. Kids will have to solve this case to find out who made Shaggy sick, in what room and with what food.

What You'll Need:

  • A printed copy of our Mysteries, Inc. Case File Checklist, 1 per guest, found on page 1 of the pdf file
  • 60 Clue Cards, printed, cut and sorted into 3 piles, found on pages 2-6 of the pdf file
  • Pens or pencils for each guest
  • A prize
  • Costumes (optional)

  1. Print out the Clue Cards. Note: There are three categories of cards (Names, Places and Food items). Star cards are Names; Circle cards are Places; Triangle cards are Food.
  2. Divide the Clue Cards into three piles, one for each category.
  3. Note the words on the Clue Cards match the words on the Case File Checklist.
  4. Our game has enough cards for 20 children to play. If you have fewer guests, remove the appropriate number of cards from the Clue Cards deck (for example, if you have 12 guests remove eight of each Clue Card category). Then, cross off extra players, food and places from each Case File Checklist. There should be one Name, Place and Food item card for each guest (3 cards per child).
  5. Draw a frowning face in pencil on one card from each category. These will be the answers to the mystery (who poisoned Shaggy, where and with what food item).
  6. If you'd like, you can prepare a box of dress up clothes for the children to wear while playing this game.

At the Party:

Explain or read the following directions to your party guests:

"Shaggy and Scooby ate too much food and Shaggy is now sick! The Mysteries Inc. gang believes someone could have poisoned him! Each of you will be given three clues to help solve the mystery of Shaggy's upset stomach and one case file checklist. One clue is who did it. One clue is where Shaggy got sick. One clue is what Shaggy ate. You will have to talk to each other and secretly show each other your clues to solve this mystery. Check off the names on your list when you see each other's cards. However, if you see a frowning face on a card that means you found one of the mystery's answers! Record that answer at the bottom of your case file checklist in the space provided. The first person to find out who, where and what upset Shaggy's stomach wins!"
  1. Pass out one of each category Clue Card to each guest (each child should have 3 cards).
  2. Give each guest a copy of the Case File Checklist and a pen or pencil.
  3. Instruct the children to keep their cards hidden until someone asks to see them.
  4. Once a pair of children show each other their cards, they should check clues off their checklist.
  5. The first person to figure out what all three frowning face cards are wins a prize!

This game can be played multiple times. Just erase the frowning faces and draw them on different cards in the next round.

Note: Children must show each other their cards when asked by another player. No cheating!

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