Scooby Snack Collar

Scooby Snack Collar

What You'll Need:

  • Round cereal that can be used as beads (such as Froot Loops or Cheerios)
  • Thin red rope licorice (at least 15" for each guest)
  • Cherry or fruit-flavored Lifesaver candy (1 per guest)
  • Bowls
  • A table and chairs

  1. Arrange the cereal beads by color in bowls on a table.
  2. Cut the licorice string into 15" strands and place one at each table setting.
  3. Set the lifesavers aside for now.

At the Party:
  1. Let the children make their own snack collars by stringing cereal beads on to the licorice string.
  2. When they are halfway through, ask them to raise their hand to get a dog tag (Lifesaver) for their collar.
  3. Have them string the Lifesaver on to the licorice and then complete their collar with more cereal beads.
  4. When they are finished, have them bring you their necklace.
  5. Tie each collar loosely on each child by knotting the licorice string.
  6. Instruct them to eat the cereal beads before the licorice string.

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