School Party Ideas

By Emily Churchill

Created on June 14, 2016

School doesn't have to be all about paying attention and doing homework. Every now and then it's great to play a game with the class or organize a holiday party. If you're a teacher or parent looking for classroom party ideas, then you've come to the right place! We've got all the tips and tricks you need to plan the perfect party. If you're looking to throw a themed or holiday party, check out our other party guides to help with the party planning!

Decorating & Food Ideas

School Party Decoration Ideas There's no reason for you to do all the grunt work for your class! Several students will be more than happy to volunteer to decorate the classroom.

  • Supply the children with streamers and see what they create!
  • If you are decorating for a holiday, you can make festive garlands with the children and then hang them around the classroom.
  • The decorations should be simple so that students aren't distracted during their normal lessons.
School Party Food Ideas If you do decide to serve treats, try to pick something that can be served with minimal mess and fuss, such as cookies, brownies, cupcakes or individual ice cream cups.

  • Use icing or candy to form letters, numbers or even simple math equations on cupcakes or cookies. Or, turn it into an activity by letting the children do the decorating.
  • If you would prefer to avoid super-sugary foods, consider muffins, veggie sticks and dip, fruit juice popsicles, or fruit cups served along with juice boxes.
  • You can make fruit cups more interesting by layering in yogurt and topping them off with crunchy granola if desired.

Games & Activities

School Party Games Just because you're throwing a classroom party doesn't mean the students have to stop learning. Educational games are a great way to keep the children both entertained and engaged. Depending on what subject matter you're working on, you can bring the lesson to life with an interactive game that can reinforce what you've been teaching. 

  • Create a trivia game based on the theme of the party.
  • Build an obstacle course to get the kids up and moving.
  • Turn your classroom into a carnival with ring toss, can bowling or other games.

School Party Activities The students are bound to be excited for their classroom party so it might be hard for them to stay focused on the day's lesson. Help them learn while having fun with some educational activities.

  • Create a scavenger hunt or mystery for the kids to solve based on what they're learning about.
  • Ask them to build or create art projects that relate to their lessons.
  • Let them decorate their own cupcake or cookies for dessert. 

Party Favors

School Party Goodie Bags When the party is wrapped and the school day is over, send your students home with a piece of the fun. Your party favors don't have to be extravagant, especially if you created games and activities that had the kids create something. Sending them home with a memento from the party will help them to remember the lesson. No matter what party theme you decide to go with, there are plenty of special trinkets out there for your favor bags. 

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