Rocket to the Moon Party Ideas

by Emily Churchill

Created on June 13, 2019

How do you organize a space party, you ask?

You planet!

July 20, 1969, marked the first landing on the moon and here we are 30 years later still fascinated by this body that orbits the earth. Get ready to experience close encounters of the fun kind when throwing an intergalactic outer space party using our guide!  Your birthday boy or girl will be over the moon excited for the themed dessert table, science experiment activities and party favors that are absolutely cosmic! Mix and match pieces of the “Rocket To the Moon” premium party line with party basics to truly excite those future spacecraft pilots.

Rocket to the Moon Party Invitations

3…2…1... blast off!  Guests will rocket away from their mailbox with excitement when receiving this space shuttle invitation.

Tip: save time and add the matching personalized address labels on each envelope.

Rocket to the Moon Party Decorations

You’re sure to be a big fan of this easy-to-assemble party backdrop. Use painter’s tape to stick paper fan decorations right to the wall, making sure to stick to the color palette of blue, orange, black and white, and to vary the sizes. Layer the To the Moon garland assortment overtop to complete the look!

Drape your table surface with a space-themed tablecloth and use silver or white trays and cake stands to make the food choices stand out. Dress the front of your table with a mini garland matching the party’s theme.

Turn your family’s dining room table into a space fit for...well… space! Make your decagon shaped dessert plates stand out by layering them on orange plates and silver placemats. Serve up some rocket fuel in these matching paper cups! Use planet honeycombs from the garland as extra table decorations in the center of your eating table.

Your birthday boy or girl will thank their lucky stars that you got them a coordinating astronaut costume to fit the Outer Space party scene.  Let them pretend they’re part of Apollo 11, the first moon landing and craft up a rocket out of cardboard!

Rocket to the Moon Party Food and Drink

Pretty soon your little astronauts will be looking to explore other things… including the food options! Consider these rocket hot dogs for the space cadets then keep the outer space theme going with the dessert options too.

No need to get the fancy decorated bakery cake! Go with a basic option and dress it up with this cake topper, some silver star sprinkles, and Wilton’s Color Mist.

Swirl up some black, blue and pink icing to make galaxy sugar cookies that will look like an image from the Hubble Telescope peering into deep space. Who wouldn't want to eat all this starstuff?

Just because a packaging SAYS they are cupcake toppers, doesn’t mean they have to be!  Use these cupcake picks and silver baking cups can be used to make donut holes easily accessible and cute!

Mix up colored chocolate melts to create colorful galaxy bark that will sure to get some attention!

Sticks of rock candy will make perfect moon rocks and you can also offer Saturn's gummy rings.

Put out a tray of Moon pies in multiple flavors to represent the new and full moon phases. The kids can nibble the moon pies into a crescent or gibbous!

Use cookie cutters in sheets of Rice Krispies treats to make moon or star shaped sticky treats. Tip: add lollipop sticks to turn them into shooting stars! The height will add variation to your dessert display.

Rocket to the Moon Party Activities

Kids love candy and they also love hands-on, visual experiments! Pair these two loves when doing fun science experiments with Pop Rocks at your Outer Space party!

To do this, place some Pop Rocks in a balloon, remove the cap from a soda bottle and place the balloon on top. Release the Pop Rocks inside the bottle and watch the reaction of the soda and the kids’ faces! They’ll love this instant gratification experiment, which you can pair with a discussion about chemical reactions and gases in space.

If you’re looking for more hands-on activities, put together a game of “moon rock toss” with balls wrapped in aluminum foil, a space coloring poster station, or a put together a galaxy rock painting station.

Rocket to the Moon Party Favors

No one is bound to be as blue as the moon with these party favors! Stuff the silver robot favor bags with outer space themed delights including any or all of these ideas:

Tara from Spot of Tea Designs styled, photographed, and wrote this party guide! Stop by her blog for more out-of-this-world party tips and tricks.

Your guests will have a blast at your celebration and land happy when you set the stage for this outer space party. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up with all of our party ideas and find more astronomical party inspiration on our Pinterest page!

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