Music Themed Indoor Games

Music Themed Indoor Games

When it's time for a less strenuous activity, try these indoor games that let the kids show how well they know their favorite songs.

Name That Tune: For this popular game, you'll need a music player, some songs related to your theme, or just some good favorites appropriate for your party guests. Play the first few seconds of a song, and see which guest can name that tune the fastest. Or, you can divide the kids into teams, and have the teams bid back and forth (e.g. "I can name that tune in 9 seconds", "Well I can name that tune in 8 seconds" etc.).

Twenty Questions: Before the party, write singers' names, song titles, and/or movie titles on slips of paper, and use these to play the game. At the party, one guest chooses a slip of paper at random, and the others must guess what it says in twenty questions or less. Players may only ask "yes" or "no" questions. Go around the group, letting one guest at a time ask a question; they can guess the answer only when it is their turn. If a player guesses correctly, they become "it" for the next round.

Lip Synch Contest: Turn on the radio or put in a favorite CD or soundtrack. One at a time, give each child a play microphone and let them lip synch and dance to the song. Let everyone 'judge" their performance (holding up cards from 1-10). Add up the scores for each person and award a prize to the favorite performance!

Who Said It?: Gather the lyrics to a variety of songs that your guests will recognize. If your party includes songs from a movie, add dialogue from the movie, too. Read just one line of lyrics or movie dialogue, and then have your guests identify the song or movie character. This is similar to 'Name That Tune", but in a different format.

Make a Music Video: Divide your guests into groups, and send each group into a separate room with a music player and some songs. Let them choose a song and create their own 30 second 'music video" to show to the other groups. Set a time limit for this activity, such as 30 minutes, and call out the remaining time at ten minute intervals. Have a video camera ready to record their performances! You can also play back the videos on your TV so they can see themselves.

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