Rock Star Party Ideas

by Emily Churchill

last updated 1/7/2019

Rock Star Party Header Bookmark and Share Does your child love to sing and dance to their favorite songs? Do they dream of performing for millions of screaming fans one day? Embrace your future superstars passion for performing with our Rock Star Party Ideas! From invitations to party games, look no further for your ticket to a fabulous party that will have your child feeling like a VIP. Shop ourRock Star Party Supplies Browse this guide: Rock Star Invitations Rock Star Decorations Rock Star Food Rock Star Party Favors Rock Star Games & Activities

Planning & Invitations

What Do I Need For the Party? In addition to basicRock Star party supplies, like plates, cups, napkins and decorations, you may want to consider purchasing, borrowing or renting the following items for your Rock Star party: Rock Star Invites Rock Star Party Invitation Ideas As you think about supplies for your child's party, pay special attention to the invitations, as they're the first glimpse you give guests of your little one's theme! If you have the time to make your own invites, here are a few rockin ideas to get you started:
  • Cut the shape of a guitar out of card stock. Write "Rock the House at [child's name]'s Party!" on the front and all the party details on the back.
  • Design each invitation to look like a CD. Use empty CD cases to hold the invites, cutting each one to size and inserting it into a case.
  • Paste a photo of your child's favorite singer or group onto the bottom of an 8 1/2" x 11" piece of paper. Write the party details above the photo and decorate with stickers. Roll up each invitation and wrap a rubber band around it to resemble a concert poster.
  • Design your invitations to look like concert tickets, with a perforated line on one end. Tear that end off of each guest's ticket when they arrive at the party.
Include creative wording for your party details, such as:
It's Michael's birthday, and it's time to rock, We won't stop dancing 'till ten o'clock, You're on "the list" so don't be tardy, Andcome prepared to party hardy!
  • If you would rather not make your own invitations, but would still like a personalized touch, considerpersonalized invitations, which can be customized with all of your details!

Decorating & Food Ideas

Rock Star Party Decor Rock Star Party Decoration Ideas To get your guests in the mood to party like a rock star, consider these options for decorations:
  • Run a red carpet up to your door using a roll of red gift wrap.
  • Draw a line of large stars on the driveway using chalk, and write guests' names on each star.
  • Hang a banner on your front door that says "Rock Concert Tonight - Sold Out!".
  • Use ourpersonalized bag tagsas "Backstage Passes" and hand one to each guest as they arrive.
  • Create a stage area where your guests can sing and dance by hanging a plain white sheet on one wall of the party area and painting large black speakers on both sides. Outline the sheet with clear lights.
  • Hang posters of famous singers and groups around the party area.
  • Write your guests' names on stars and hang them from the ceiling.
  • Make signs for any closed doors viewed from the party area with phrases like "Dressing Room," "Sound Stage," and "Recording Studio."
Rock Star Food Rock Star Party Food Ideas Get creative with your party food by serving theme-specific treats. For a Rock Star Party, consider the following ideas:
  • Serve french fries and popcorn instadium cups. Set out toppings for the popcorn such as cheese powder, cinnamon and sugar, caramel sauce, and sea salt.
  • Serve sparkling cider in plastic champagne glasses.
  • Use star-shaped cookie cutters to cut sandwiches, cheese and deli meat. Serve on a platter with fruit and crackers.
  • Set out a bowl filled with packages of Pop Rocks candy.
  • Put out candy necklaces, rings, and bracelets for the guests to wear and snack on.
  • Serve Ice Cream Cone Microphones by putting ice cream in sugar cones and topping them with chocolate sprinkles.
  • Serve CD Sugar Cookies by frosting round sugar cookies in white frosting and piping on the details, such as the center hole and the band name, in black decorator frosting.
  • Make a star-shaped cake with astar cake pan and pipe on words like "You're a Star!" or "Let's Party!" in decorator icing.
  • As an alternative to cake, try serving chocolate fondue with fruit, pretzel rods, marshmallows, and other treats for dipping.

Party Favor Ideas

Rock Star Favors Rock Star Party Favors Thank your guests by sending them off feeling like a celebrity with a goodie bag stuffed with rock star themed surprises! Here are some suggestions: You can also opt for complete favor sets and personalized products such as zipper pulls, bookmarks, and buttons.
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Games and Activities

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