Robot Craft

Robot Craft

What You'll Need:

  • Empty toilet paper tube for each guest
  • Aluminum foil
  • Scraps of construction paper in various colors, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes
  • Stapler
  • Children's scissors
  • Glue

  1. Cut pieces of aluminum foil wider than a toilet paper tube and long enough to wrap around the entire tube.
  2. Use glue to completely cover the tubes with foil, and tuck any extra foil into the ends of the tubes.
  3. You may want to make a complete robot as an example for the children.

At the Party:
  1. Set out the scissors, glue, and scraps of construction paper on a table.
  2. Give each guest a foil covered tube as their robot's body.
  3. Let them decorate their robot by cutting out small control panels, buttons, and switches from construction paper.
  4. Help the children glue these onto their tube.
  5. Next, they can glue on two googly eyes for their robot.
  6. To finish their creation, ask an adult to staple two pipe cleaners to the top of the robot to make antennae.
  7. Remember to write each guest's initials on the back of their robot so that everyone can take their creation home at the end of the party.

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