Liguini Libs Activity

Linguini Madlib

What You'll Need:


Print out one copy of our Linguini Libs Activity for each participating child. Or, if you would prefer to do this as a group activity, print just one copy.

At the Party:

Give each child a copy of our "Linguini Libs" and a pen or pencil. Go over the instructions (found in the top-left corner of the printout) with the children. Give them 5 to 10 minutes to finish the activity. Then, go around the group, one by one, having each child read his or her story out loud. Have everyone vote on who had the funniest story, and award a small prize, such as a piece of candy or a sticker, to the writers of the top 3 funniest stories.

Note: You may need to help younger children choose words to fill in the story by explaining the different types of words (i.e. give examples of nouns, verbs, etc.). Alternatively, you can do this as a group activity, filling in the sheet for the children as they yell out words. For a less competitive game, skip the voting process, and award a prize to every child who completes the story or participates in the group version.

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