Rainbow Birthday Party Supplies

Brighten up your party with our Rainbow Birthday supplies. This multicolor party pattern is a great match to almost any birthday theme. The rainbow plates, cups, napkins, and other decorations all feature colorful stripes and polka dots to add a little fun to your table. Rainbow tableware is easy to match to tons of generic themes. If you want to get all your shopping done in one click, try an all-in-one tableware kit designed to serve a group of 8 guests. Other complete kits for decorations and favors will help ensure that all your items match the same birthday theme. Once you have your birthday table decorations in line, move on to your favors and stationery. Look to personalized items to really put a special touch on a generic birthday pattern. You can also shop a la carte to customize your decorations.

Rainbow color schemes are a great option for any birthday. Match the stripe and polka dot table decorations to other aspects of your event. Create a rainbow party food display with candy bouquets, cupcakes, fruit plates, and wrappers. Plastic party cups and paper straws can add some extra pizzazz to your table as well. Personalized favors can really add a special touch to generic themes. Custom banners, stickers, buttons, and more will turn give your guests a memorable keepsake to associate with your event. Light up your rainbow party with some fun and spunky party supplies.

Rainbow Birthday Party Ideas and Inspirations

Nothing is more colorful than a rainbow. Many believe it is a sign of gods and some believe that at the end is a leprechaun and a pot of gold.  A rainbow is formed when lights strike rain droplets in a certain way. But no need for rain at your party.  We have all the colorful party supplies that you require to throw a vibrant bash. A rainbow is a cheerful beginning to any celebration, including birthdays, graduations, picnics, barbeques and classroom parties. Start your party by ordering invitations and coordinating thank yous. 

Then make your party space bright with decorations. There are so many to choose from. A must-have is the rainbow cloud ceiling decoration.  Put that up and everyone will know you are committed to the them.  Giant wall decals can be used for a party or as a permanent décor. A rainbow balloon arch is a nice touch too.   For the kids there are several pinata options.  A star-shaped pinata and a rainbow shaped pinata with blue fringe are both available.  Our pinata kits make shopping easier. 

At cake time you will want multicolor candles from our cake supplies offerings.  Serve it on our rainbow plates, available in our tableware  section. Coordinating rainbow cups, table cover, plates, and napkins are available in a kit and separately as well.  After cake and before your guests go home, give them a personalized  favor container with custom-printed rainbow buttons, stickers, and lip balm. 

Additional choices can be found in our favors and gifts  section. Unicorn and rainbow lollipop rings are a favorite.  While there, pick up some personalized activity mats to occupy kids at meal time and rainbow party hats for cake time. 

While this theme is a hit for teens and pre-teens, it is also beloved by people of all ages.  If you are hosting a party for anyone who loves a rainbow connection, we’ve got you covered.

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