Rainbow Birthday Party Ideas

By Emily Churchill

Created on February 13, 2020

There’s something about a rainbow that makes us all stop and stare. It feels a little like magic when sunlight transforms into all the colors. Refracted by mid-air droplets during the right time of day, we get a dazzling marvel of Nature. Who would have known all those colors were hiding inside the light of the sun? The allure of this medley of colors we call the spectrum has been enchanting us for centuries. There’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Somewhere over the rainbow, there’s a yellow brick road leading to an Emerald City. And, Rainbow Road is an iconic board in Mario Kart!

We usually learn about Roy G. Biv when we are kids and how it represents red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Many people seem to pick a favorite color, but thankfully there’s a color for everybody! No matter what color you want to celebrate, you don’t have to choose when you throw a party decorated with all the colors of the rainbow.

Our full spectrum of Rainbow party supplies are only a click away but keep reading to get tips on how to plan a Rainbow Birthday Party that will dazzle with color.

Rainbow Party Planning & Invitations

Brighten up guests’ mailboxes with Rainbow Personalized Invitations and watch the smiles start forming well before the party date.

Invite your guests to your child's rainbow birthday party with an explosion of color! If you have the time to create your own invitations, take a look at these colorful ideas.

  • Attach your invitation to a small rainbow lollipop with a note that reads "join us over the rainbow for a sweet birthday celebration."
  • If your child likes to draw, ask them to draw a rainbow on a piece of paper and then write the party details on the page.
  • Place rainbow confetti inside the envelopes to surprise your guests.
While you’re ordering the invites, do your future self a favor and purchase matching Rainbow Personalized Thank You Notes. It will make practicing good manners much easier on both you and the birthday child.

Rainbow Party Decorating Ideas

Embrace all the colors! But you don't have to overwhelm the space with rainbows everywhere. Use white to add breaks in the color. Add faux clouds, add some touches of white with serving pieces and risers.

Here are some ways to transform your space into a colorful wonderland:

Rainbow Party Food Ideas

  • Rainbow Personalized Lollipops bring plenty of happy tidings to the dessert table. We tied ours with a shimmery white ribbon for an added ethereal touch.
  • Rainbow sprinkled crème filled cookies and colorful fish crackers are always party guest pleasers.
  • Fill thin cello bags with fruit candies and marshmallows in rainbow order for a grab-n-go sweet treat.
  • Offer a healthy snack alternative with an arc-shaped fruit tray.

Rainbow-ize plain White Paper Cups with pipe cleaner rays and pom pom clouds then fill with fruity loop cereal.

Give a generic grocery store cake some rainbow love with a colorful topper. Or, glue cardstock letters to bamboo skewers and poke into the cake.

Rainbow Birthday Party Craft Activity

Melted crayon art is a favorite craft of all ages … there’s something fascinating about watching wax change its physical shape. So, for an engaging activity, let guests get creative with crayons and a hairdryer. Elevate the project even further by using a canvas frame as the base (we got ours at the local dollar store).

Here's a helpful tutorial to help guide you through the simple process. We opted to glue our crayons to foam core and heated them while they sat along the top edge of the canvas frame.

Rainbow Party Favors

Thank your guests by sending them home with a collection of vibrant, colorful party favors!

A Rainbow Personalized Luggage Tag and Rainbow Personalized Key Chain are handy backpack additions. You could also include some on-trend crazy rainbow socks. Tie Rainbow Personalized Stickers onto White Party Bags then finish embellishing with a felt cloud and pipe cleaner rays.

Browse through our popular favor items to find small gifts to fill a favor bag like:

  • Rainbow bracelets and rings
  • Rainbow pencil cases and erasers
  • Rainbow hair extensions
  • Rainbow lollipops
  • Candy necklaces
  • Silly shape rubber bands

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