Rainbow Words

Rainbow Words

Rainbow Words is played a lot like the ABC game except instead of naming words that begin with a certain letter, players will have to name something that is a certain color. It's good to play this game with the children in case they need help staying on track.

At the Party:

  1. Sit with all the children in a large circle.
  2. Tell everyone they will each have 10 seconds to take their turn.
  3. Starting with the birthday child, ask them to name something that's the color red.
  4. The next person to the right of the birthday child must then name something orange.
  5. This continues around the circle until something red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple has been named.
  6. At that point, start over with red.
  7. If someone repeats something that has already been said, names something of the wrong color or if they can't think of anything in 10 seconds, they are out of the circle.
  8. The last person to name an object of the correct color in the allotted time wins!

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