Laying the Track

Laying the Track

Object of the Game:

The goal of the game is for players to follow the leader's course until "Start Time," then try to run back to base without being tagged by him.


Select a tree or other spot to be the base. If you have a checkered flag (or have made one from checkered cloth and a wooden dowel), place the flag at the base.

How to Play:

Select one player to be the leader or "Pace Car," then have all of the players line up single file behind the leader. Once everyone is lined up, instruct the leader to start out along his chosen "Track" and tell everyone else to follow. The leader's "Track" can include actions such as hopping on one foot for 15 feet, climbing over a tree stump, walking backwards for several feet, spinning in circles, etc.

As the players follow the leader's course, they can randomly shout out, "Pace Car, what time is it?" The leader answers as he chooses, calling back, "One o'clock!" "Two o'clock!" and so on until he decides to yell, "Start time!" At this point, all of the players should turn and run back toward base while the leader chases them and tries to tag a player. The first player tagged becomes the leader for the next round.

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