Puppy Dog Party Ideas

By Emily Churchill

Created on June 14, 2016

Get ready to PAW-ty with a Puppy Party! Man’s best friend has inspired these puppy party ideas including games of fetch, some sniffing for clues games plus treats kids can’t resist like pup-cakes and pup-peroni pizza. So come, sit and stay a while as we dig deeper into this fun party theme!  Don’t miss the free printable links!

Cheryl from Moms & Munchkins styled, wrote and photographed this amazing Puppy Party just FUR us. Stop by her blog to get more ideas that'll keep tails wagging!

Puppy Party Invitations

Calling all party animals! Let’s get this party started with some creative ideas for puppy party invitations. For the DIY types that like to make the invitations from scratch, some creative intros for your puppy party invitations include:

  • You’re Invited to a Paw-ty!
  • Come, Sit & Play
  • Paw-ty Time!
  • Calling All Party Animals!
For those of you who prefer an invitation template that you simply print, fill in and hand out… First freebie: Puppy Party Invitations!

Puppy Party Decorating Ideas

Decorating is one of the most fun parts of a party (except eating the cake, of course) and with a Puppy Paw-ty there are lots of creative ideas for DIY decorating.

First up, the background. One of the easiest ways to draw eyes to your party table is to create a backdrop. An easy way to do this is to cover foam poster boards with wrapping paper and hang a Happy Birthday banner.

Second Freebie: Happy Birthday Banner and Food Labels – page 1 and page 2.

Next up is setting the scene with some props like this cardboard doghouse and a puppy piñata. The doghouse is quite large so you probably want it either on the floor beside the main table or on a smaller table beside the main party food table.

For the DIY creative types, a fun project is this fire hydrant. It’s a great prop for a photo booth area for the kids!

Also for the DIY types, grab a marker and you can turn green paper lanterns into oversized tennis balls!
To keep with the puppy theme, you can buy dog dishes to hold the party food and use other puppy toys to decorate the table like squeaky toys, chew toys, tennis balls and collars. You can make this look like a day at the park using a green grass-looking table cover.

To set the scene for the eating area, check out this selection of puppy paw-ty plates and don’t miss the fire hydrant cups!

Puppy Party Food

If you’re having a ruff time (see what we did there?) coming up with creative food and treat ideas for your puppy party, we have you covered! When it comes to food for a kids party, simple is always best.

Some easy & cute food ideas that kids will love are:

  • popcorn labeled as “pup-corn”
  • potato chips labeled as “paw-tato chips”
  • Bits & Bites labeled as “Kibbles & Bits”
  • pepperoni sticks labeled as “pup-peroni sticks”
  • pepperoni pizza labeled as “pup-peroni pizza”
  • hot dog buffet with a variety of toppings
  • corn dogs
  • meat tray with beef jerky and bacon strips
  • pizza bread sticks labeled as “fetch sticks”
  • serve plain old water in a fire hydrant sipper cup

For party treats, creative ideas include:

  • licorice labeled as “chew sticks
  • round chocolate candies like Whoppers labeled as “Puppy Chow”
  • chocolate coconut macaroons labeled as “Scoop a Poop” (because kids love poop jokes!)
  • puppy shaped cake pops
  • truffles coated in green candy melts and labeled as “tennis balls”
  • Pop Tarts labeled as “pup-tarts”
  • blue JELLO in small dishes labeled as “water bowls”
  • cupcakes labled as “pup-cakes”

Puppy Cupcakes (pup-cakes) are super easy to make. Simply top each iced cupcake with one Oreo cookie then three chocolate chips around the top to look like a puppy paw print.

If you’d rather serve cake, one large round plain chocolate cake with three or four cupcakes around the top could also be set out to look like a paw print.

Puppy Party Activities

A party wouldn’t be complete without some fun games and there is no shortage of ideas when it comes to a Puppy Party! Some fun ideas include:

Show Dog Training: Kids can design their own bedazzled collars for a show dog competition where they can participate in puppy-friendly challenges like racing around safety cones, walking across beams, jumping over platforms, relay races with teammates, etc.

Fetch: A simple game of catch with a variety of balls and Frisbees for the kids to play with.

Sniff Test: Blindfold the party guests and have them smell different scratch ‘n sniff stickers to guess their scents.

Digging For Bones: Hide a few toy bones in a sandbox and award a prize to the kids once they’ve found them all.

Firehouse Photo Booth: Use this cardboard fire truck prop and these Dalmatian ears to create a party photo booth area. A sweet idea is to use these pictures as thank you cards after the party.

Puppy Party Favor Ideas

Send your little party guests home with Doggie Bags full of treats you know they’ll enjoy. You can start off with a paper favor bag and a Doggie Bag sticker and then fill the bag with fun favors like:

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