Princess Party Ideas

By Emily Churchill

Created on June 14, 2016

Once upon a time, your little girl wished she were a princess. Whether it’s her birthday or an afternoon with friends, you can make your little one’s royal dreams come true with a princess party. Ask her guests to come in their finest gowns to get in the mood to feel like royalty. With themed decorations, treats and games, everyone will have a ball.

Favorite Princess

If your daughter can’t get enough of a princess in a favorite movie or book, base her party around that character. Use tableware that matches her favorite princess and decorate with matching colors. Some well-known princesses are:

Princess Tea Party Ideas

Tea Party

If your little girl likes having tea parties with her toys, she’ll love one even more with her friends. Ask each guest to bring her favorite doll or stuff animal to join in on the festivities. This party can include:

  • Pink princess tea
  • Maracroons in pastel colors
  • Cupcakes arranged on a tiered stand
  • Small slippers made of clear plastic filled with treats

Gilded Princess Party Ideas

Gilded Princess Party

Bring out the glitz and glam for a dazzling princess party with accessories and activities like:

  • A sparkling chandelier
  • Tiara decorating
  • Beaded or illuminated canopies
  • Cake pops with gold-dusted icing
  • Candy shop, or buffet, jars filled with colorful candies

Shabby Chic Princess Party

Shabby Chíc Garden Party

If you’re on a budget and want to indulge your little damsel, a shabby chíc party lets you unleash your creativity and save money. By mixing and matching beautiful elements, your little one will remember her fabulous garden party for the rest of her life. Ideas include:
  • Big bouquets with local seasonal flowers
  • Wreaths made with dried, silk or paper flowers
  • Headband crafting station with silk flowers and ribbons
  • Using brown craft paper for tablecloths and doilies for decorative accents
  • Small wire birdcages filled with treats or flowers
  • Kabobs made with fruit and pastel-colored marshmallows

Princess Party Invitations

Princess Party Planning and Invitation Ideas

After selecting the perfect princess theme for the party, send out the invitations and start planning. Give your guests enough time to plan for the big day by sending invitations a few weeks in advance. Darling invitation ideas include:
  • Postage stamps with your princess’ image printed on them
  • Hand-delivering gift box invitations filled with an inexpensive tiara and wand that guests can wear to the party
  • Cards shaped like teacups or stagecoaches
  • E-vites with an animated princess or fairytale scene
  • Ordering personalized princess invitations and address labels from Birthday in a Box

Princess Party Decorations

Princess Party Decoration Ideas

When decorating for a princess party, think about everything that honoree loves about her favorite princess, including colors, accessories, animal friends and songs. Birthday in a Box has you covered with pink princess- and Disney princess-themed centerpieces, tableware, activities and party favors that help make party planning a snap. Indulge her little highness with ideas like:

  • Majestic centerpieces: Give the space a ballroom feel with centerpieces made of tiered macaroons or boxes of candy, balloon arrangements or unicorns on a pedestal.
  • Princess piñata: Piñatas exist for several princess themes. You can find them shaped like a castle, unicorn, tiara and dragon.
  • Pretty tables: Dress up table skirts with tulle. Add sparkles to tabletops with gold star confetti. Use picture frames that you spray paint gold as trays. Add a tier to a buffet table with an inverted box that you spray paint or line with fabric.
  • Royal ambiance: Make the party space feel majestic with key decorative pieces. If you have the time and space, make a cardboard castle. Play princess movie soundtracks for background music. Decorate the entrance with a curtain of streamers. Use balloons shaped like castles, tiaras, hearts and unicorns. Give the room a glow with paper lanterns illuminated with LED lights.

Princess Party Food Ideas

Princess Party Food

Food for princess parties are generally items that you’d associate with high tea or an elegant garden party. The guests will love anything cute or dainty.

  • Pink beverages: Princesses love pink. Serve beverages like pink lemonade, strawberry milk, fruit tea or berry smoothies in princess cups or royal goblets.
  • Tea sandwiches: Keep the main course simple by serving kid-friendly tea sandwiches. Popular sandwich fillings include tomato and cheddar with mayonnaise, cucumbers with cream cheese, chicken salad, peanut butter and jelly, and strawberries with cream cheese.
  • Royal Sweets: Fill short plastic wine glasses with chocolate mousse and top it with pink or gold sprinkles. Serve crown-shaped cookies with frosting that matches the party’s main colors. Cut fruit into star shapes and place them on the top of wooden skewers that have grapes strung onto them for a magic wand look.

Princess Party Activities

Princess Party Activities

Hands-on activities will keep guests entertained and enchanted. Activity ideas for your royal court include:

  • Tiara or crown decorating: Dress up paper crowns or plain tiaras with glitter, ribbons, flowers and rhinestones. For a medieval-themed party, decorate triangular party hats that have ribbons or streamers flowing from the point.
  • Bippity, boppity, boo: A twist on the classic “Duck, Duck, Goose,” the person says, “bippity,” or, “boppity,” instead of, “Duck,” while pointing with a wand. The word “boo” replaces “goose.”
  • Glamour station: If the guests are older, they can paint each other’s nails and adorn them with nail art gems. Use hair chalk to accentuate hairstyles and let the princesses make their own lip balm.
  • Royal snow globes: Have guests fill clean, empty baby food jars (whose lids you spray-painted gold) with glitter, sequins and metallic confetti. Fill the jars with water, baby oil and a few drops of food coloring to create a lava lamp effect. Have an adult secure the lids with hot glue.

Princess Party Favors

Princess Party Favors

Help your princess thank her guests for coming to the celebration with party favors that are age-appropriate and will continue to delight. Place the items in gift boxes, pretty lunch pails, treat bags or cute buckets. Princess-approved party favors include:

  • Bubbles
  • Stickers
  • Plastic princess cups or water bottles
  • Nail polish
  • Personalized lollipops
  • Princess Pez dispensers
  • Craft kits

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