Kiss The Frog

Kiss The Frog

During your child's next princess party help them make some noise (as if they need help with that) with this wildly fun activity that involves the whole group. All birthday parties have cake and most have party favors and decorations but how many party-goers take the time to add a fun game as well. When your little girl has her next Princess and the Frog Disney Birthday party be sure to follow the directions below to play a great party game.

What You'll Need:
  • A Bag of Hershey Kisses
  • A Blindfold
  • Paper
  • A Pen or Marker
  • A Paper Bag

  1. Write the word "Frog" on one slip of paper. Write the word "Animal" on several slips of paper (i.e. enough so that each player will get one).
  2. Fold each piece of paper in half, and then place them all in a paper bag.

At the Party:
  1. Pick one child to be the princess, and have the rest of the players stand in a circle around her.
  2. Blindfold the princess and give her a Hershey's Kiss.
  3. Have each of the other players draw a slip of paper from the bag until one child gets the slip with the word "Frog" on it.
  4. To start, the princess says "With this kiss, the frog becomes a prince."
  5. At this cue, all of the other players should start making some kind of animal noise, but ONLY the player who is the frog can "ribbit."
  6. The princess must walk blindfolded toward the frog, using only the "ribbit" sound to guide her.
  7. When she finds the player she thinks is the frog, she should hand that child the Kiss.
  8. If the princess picks correctly, then the frog gets to keep the Kiss, but must sit out the next round while the player to his/her right is the princess.
  9. If the princess chooses incorrectly, then the player gives the princess her Kiss back.
  10. The princess must then sit out the next round, and the frog becomes the princess for the next round. Play several rounds.

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