Beauty and the Beast Party Ideas

By Emily Churchill

Created on June 14, 2016

Be our guest as we serve you up a beautiful birthday party inspired by the 1991 Disney classic, Beauty and the Beast. Find tips to transform your home to an enchanted castle fills with delicious treats fit only for a princess. You’ll fall in love with this party theme inspired by the famous French fairy tale with hints of Belle’s bookish side and her love of reading and the romance of the magical evening spent in her gold ball gown. Sample from a beautiful dessert bar with sweets named after characters in the movie.


Invite guests to the party inspired by the tale as old as time with a personalized invite displaying your party details.


When it comes to party décor, don’t use antlers in all of your decorating like Gaston! Use the romantic color palette of Belle’s famous yellow dress and the red rose while mixing in hints of her love of reading in all of your party décor.

Create a backdrop using book pages and hang red tissue paper puffs overhead. Hang a “Be Our Guest” banner) above with faux stained glass art like that in the forbidden West Wing.

Use table cloths as decorative elements to create the sweeping design on Belle’s famous ball gown and faux roses to pin them in place.

Don’t go out to buy a glass clouche bell jar if you don’t already have one in your collection. Instead paint a wooden knob and temporarily adhere it to a large glass vase turned upside down. This centerpiece of the magic rose will look great upon a stack of books inspired by Belle’s love of reading. Books make perfect risers if you need to give height on your dessert table!

Don’t forget about images of Belle and the Beast in your party setup! Choose plates featuring this famous couple and Belle herself in the form of a cardboard stand up. She’ll make the perfect photo op later at the party!

Food and Drink

Sure you could serve 5 dozen eggs and Gaston would be happy but would the rest of your guests? Allow all the memorable characters Belle befriended in the enchanted castle serve as inspiration for your dessert table. Trim the plastic sleeves of personalized luggage tags and use them as signs describing your enchanted food selections.

  • Place the Beast’s Brownie Bites in baking cups for easy grab and go.
  • Even homemade cupcakes can look extra special with an edible rose sprinkle on top and foil wrappers around each one.
  • If guests are in the mood for a salty and sweet combo, they might go for a cup of Chip’s chocolate covered potato chips!
  • Create an edible version of Luminere’s candlesticks with marshmallows, chocolate and jelly beans.

  • Don’t forget to try the grey stuff, it’s delicious! Serve this delicious recipe in plastic wine goblets and fancy decorated spoons!


While, of course, Belle may be a favorite at this Beauty and the Beast party, she would surely invite her princess friends to attend! Encourage guest to dress in their favorite princess attire and grab a photo prop to pose with their princess of choice at your Princess Photo Booth.


Every girl wants to be a princess and after leaving your Beauty and the Beast birthday party, she’ll be one step closer! Send her on her merry way with her very own wand and a personalized favor tag attached and thank her for being your guest!

There are lots of other little things that make great loot bag stuffers:

  • Stickers and temporary tattoos
  • Shaped princess rubber bands
  • Fun shaped lollipops and candy jewelry
  • Punch balloons featuring Disney Princesses
  • Rings and other costume jewelry
  • Reusable tote bags
  • Princess craft kits and coloring books
  • Tiaras
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