Themed Costume Party

Themed Costume Party

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How to Have a Costume Party

Send out invitations and include a request to dress as a specific character. (For a sports costume party, everyone can wear their uniforms.) For instance, if the party guests love a specific TV show, everyone should dress as one of the characters. Try choosing a costume theme such as something scary, an animal, someone from the 80s or a rock star. Be ready to help any guests who don't have ideas for costumes or need tips accessorizing. It's also a good idea to have extra costumes on hand on the day of the party.

Costume Party Games Ideas

So everyone has arrived and are all dressed up, now what? Here are some games to keep your party moving.

  • Costume Contest: Have everyone vote anonymously for their favorite costume and award a small prize to the winner. The prize should match the costume theme.
  • Trivia Contest: Put together a trivia contest where all of the questions match the costume theme. Break everyone into teams of 4 and see which team receives the most points. Award a prize to the winning team.
  • Guess Who: Have one player silently choose one guest who is in costume. Everyone else should ask him/her yes or no questions such as "does your person wear a hat, or is your person a female" until they correctly guess who was chosen. Let everyone take a turn answering questions.
  • Celebrity Charades: Have each person take a turn picking a piece of paper from a hat or bag and imitating, without talking, the celebrity that is written on the paper. Every celebrity written down should match the costume theme. The other players have to guess who the person is imitating.
  • Hats, Hats, Hats: Use hats from the guest's costumes to play this hilarious theater game.

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