Murder Mystery Party

Murder Mystery Script

How to Have a Murder Mystery Party

Have a family member dress as a butler. This person will also have to serve the food! During dinner, the butler should take a drink in front of everyone. At this time, have the butler pretend to start choking, and fall to the floor. Gasp! Your murder mystery has begun!

We've written a complete script for 15 guests to act out during the game. In this story, the party guests will read character cards to help determine who poisoned the butler.

What You'll Need:

After the Butler Kicks the Bucket:
  1. Give everyone a labeled nametag to wear immediately and the corresponding character card. Note: There are 15 character cards total. If you have fewer than 15 guests, someone will have to play more than one character.
  2. One of the cards reads "You killed the butler. Shh!" So make sure everyone keeps their cards a secret.
  3. For added fun, give each player a prop that goes along with their character's biography. Ask everyone to really get into character to make the game more fun.

How to Play:
  1. Have everyone sit in a circle and begin by reading the card that's marked "Read This Card First."
  2. Give everyone a pen and paper so that they can take notes.
  3. One at a time, have each guest stand up and read what's written on their character card. The card will reveal information and clues about the crime.
  4. After everyone has read their card, they must write down who they think poisoned the butler on a slip of paper.
  5. Collect the slips of paper and count up the votes.
  6. Use a pair of fake handcuffs and pretend to arrest the character who received the most votes.
  7. At this point, instruct the person who is arrested to read the sentence on their card that says "Read this if you are arrested." This sentence will reveal if the players guessed correctly.
  8. If the guests guessed correctly the game ends. If not, they must guess again until they get it right.

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