Girls Craft Night Sleepover Party

Girls Craft Night Sleepover Party

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If your teen is the crafty type, pull out the sewing kit, beads and buttons to celebrate their birthday! Since craft projects take some time, consider turning the craft party into a sleepover party.

How to Have a Craft Night Sleepover Party

There are many crafts your guests can make together. They can even trade them or take them home as favors. Consider renting some movies that everyone can watch while they craft. Or just play some music while crafting. Here is a list of some easy and fun craft projects for teens.

  • Beaded bracelets and necklaces: Use a variety of glass beads and elastic string to create stunning bracelets or necklaces.
  • Friendship pins: Friendship pins are a fast and fun way to make something for friends to wear on their backpacks, shoes, clothes or hats!
  • Scrapbooks: Ask party guests to bring photos of themselves and the birthday girl so they can make a scrapbook together. Use stickers, markers and stamps to decorate the pages of the book along with signatures from the birthday guests! This will be a fantastic party keepsake.
  • Memory Boxes: Give each guest a photo box and a bunch of magazines. Make a collage on the lid of the photo box using magazine cut outs and glue. The finished boxes can be used for storing photos or trinkets.
  • Water bracelets:Water bracelets are easy to make with plastic tubing, glitter and water.
  • Bake something: We have a lot of yummy recipes that your guests will love devouring including chocolate chip cookies, fudge, pretzels and cupcakes.
  • Balloon Beanbag Balls: This easy craft uses only three balloons and dried beans to make a squishy beanbag ball.
  • Marbleized Paper: Create colorful marbleized stationary using only paper and colored chalk.
  • Make Kirigami baskets and fill them with candy. This is an easy and cute party favor your guest will love!

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