Power Rangers Party Ideas

Pump up the energy at your Power Rangers party with our tips on Power Rangers invitations, Power Rangers decorations and Power Rangers favors. Whether your little Power ranger is crazy about martial arts or giant monsters, we have the tips that are sure to morph your party into a power-packed extravaganza!

Power Rangers Party Planning & Invitations

In addition to basic Power Rangers party supplies like plates, cups, napkins, and decorations, you may want to consider purchasing, borrowing or renting the following items for your Power Rangers party:

  • Power Rangers toy swords
  • Power Rangers costumes
  • Power Rangers TV episodes or movies
  • A Power Rangers pinata
If you do not have the time to make your own invitations, consider our personalized Power Rangers invitations that include your child's name and all the party details. Creative invitations build excitement and set the mood for the party before it even starts! The shape, wording, and delivery method of your invitation can all be customized to fit your theme.

Power Rangers Party Decorations & Food

The Power Rangers use the power of the elements to fight off evil-doers. Use bright colors that match the Rangers' uniforms as inspiration for your party supplies and decorations. You can also focus your party decorations on martial arts. Take a look at some of our suggestions for Power Rangers decorations to get started:

  • Cut out the shape of Power Rangers masks out of colored construction paper and hang them around the party area.
  • Group bunches of colored latex balloons together and weigh them down. You might also want to throw in a Power Rangers balloon. Tape black construction paper to your latex balloons to make them resemble Power Ranger masks.
  • If you plan on having your party at a karate studio or martial arts dojo, simple Power Rangers decorations may be best.
  • Create a Power Rangers training area in your own backyard! Set up construction cones, inflatable tires, and other obstacles for your little samurais to race through.

It can be fun to prepare and serve party food that fits your theme. For a Power Rangers Party, try foods that are the colors of your favorite Power Rangers!

  • Make Power Ranger cupcakes or cake pops that look like the masks of your favorite Power Rangers by using black frosting to create the glass of the mask.
  • Embrace the samurai theme and serve kid-friendly Asian food at your Power Rangers party. Create bento boxes full of familiar foods like hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, and veggies.

Power Rangers Party Favors

Send your guests home with a smile with Power Ranger party favors such as:

  • Have guests create a Martial Arts Headband craft. They can create their headband to match the color of their favorite Power Ranger.
  • Karate favors
  • Toy sword
  • Ninja toy figures
  • Power Ranger favors

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