Pokemon Party Ideas

By Emily Churchill

Created on June 14, 2016

Are you looking for Pokemon birthday party ideas? Look no further as you can catch ‘em all here! Whether your child is a fan of the Pokemon card game, TV show, the classic  video game on their Game Boy or Pokemon Go, they’ll love all the details you put into their party!  See how you can plaster your party space with Pokemon décor including some you can DIY at home!  Drool over mouthwatering food and dessert ideas that are simple to make! Get inspiration for activities to keep kids active and fun ways to say things for making your child feel special!

Pokemon Invitations

Call on all Pokemon trainers with an invite featuring just a few of the more than 700 creatures in the Pokemon universe.

Pokemon Party Decorations

Make use of the height of your party space and create a statement with a DIY backdrop using red, black and white paper plates.  Learn how to create this easy and affordable backdrop here. Fill empty spaces in your room with Pokemon balloon bouquets making sure to upgrade the basic balloon weight with one that features the Pokemon characters.

The birthday boy has to feel extra special on his party day so hang a personalized banner in front and gift him a Pikachu hat he can sport all afternoon. Or, go the extra mile and get him the costume for Ash Ketchum, the best Pokemon Master!

Deck out the eating space with all things Pokemon. From a table cover, to matching tableware to blowouts, friends will love to be surrounded these familiar favorites.

Pokemon Party Foods

Whether they’ve been collecting, training or battling with Pokemon, chances are those boys will be hungry!  There are few foods boys love more than pizza so turn this classic party food into a Pokeball with the help of some olives and pepperoni toppings.

Save everyone from passing along any germs and sing happy birthday with individual cupcakes instead of one large cake!  Use red and white frosting and black icing to create Pokeball cupcakes that are theme appropriate and delicious! Tip: use an edible eyeball dessert for the center, but flip it over so you only see the white circle back!

Get your hands on Peeps anytime of year here, and you won't have to wait until Easter to make this simple party treat! Dip the ears of a yellow Peeps bunny in chocolate and you’ll have yourself a yummy Pikachu dessert pop.

Create a simple lollipop stand by wrapping a Styrofoam disc with crepe paper and insert personalized lollipops featuring your special birthday message. Guests can enjoy these sweets at the party or you can slip them in their favor bag at the end of the afternoon.

Pokemon Party Activities

Pokemon is a great game that encourages strategic thinking so play up these strengths with minute to win it games that fellow 9 year olds will love! Consider each one a training exercise!
  • Cookie Face – Place a cookie on one’s forehead and using only facial muscles, move the cookie from your forehead to your mouth for a delicious reward that will come after a ton of laughs!
  • Stack the Cups – Have each person stack plastic cups up into a pyramid shape then back down to the stack in under a minute.
  • Unwrap it – Put oven gloves on both hands and try to unwrap a Hershey Kiss.
  • Balance training – Place a popsicle stick in your mouth and try to balance dice on it.

Pokemon Party Favors

Fill their loot bag with lots of Pokemon swag before you send your Pokemon trainers on their way!

Tara from Spot of Tea Designs styled, photographed, and wrote this party guide! Her party game is on point! Stop by her blog for more tips and tricks.

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