Planes, Trains & Automobiles Party Ideas

Everybody's got to get around. Transportation is a vital part of our daily lives, whether we're driving to and from work, taking a train out to the country, or flying to visit our relatives and loved ones far away. And while we ride in these planes, trains, and automobiles almost every day, we learn to love the ways we get from place to place. Some of us are gear heads that can't wait to pop open the hood, while others are amazed by the miracle of flight. So give into your loved one's passions for their next birthday, and if he or she is a big fan of planes, trains, or automobiles, find a way to celebrate his or her favorite mode of transportation. While you may think that your party is all set, Birthday in a Box is here to give you a few ideas for a quick tune-up. Disney's Cars, Blaze and the Monster Machines, Hot Wheels, planes, and trains are all here! Find your favorite party theme on our Kids Birthday page, and plan accordingly!

We have a party theme that can take you places. Planes can fly you to the highest heights while autos and trains can take you on an adventure almost anywhere. Bring that adventurous spirit home with our party supplies. 

Start your party planning with a list of people you would like to come, then send each one an invitation. Our featured designs include airplanes, Disney/Pixar Cars, Hot Wheels, monster trucks, racing cars, trains and one invite with planes, trains and boats. 

When decking out your party space, choose one theme or mix and match decorations. Personalized train banners, Thomas the Tank Engine centerpieces, racecar standups, monster truck wall decals, and airplane centerpieces are just a few of the decorations available. Make sure you get enough to fill the party space. The right decorations can really drive the party from good to great. 

When it is time to set the table, you have many choices again. Thomas the Tank Engine is a favorite for toddlers. Boys who are a little older might prefer a Monster Truck. Adults will like the Hot Wheels tableware as much as the kids do because it features classic cars and will bring back a lot of fun memories. 

Cakes or cupcakes? What drives you to choose one over the other? Drive by our cake supplies offerings. That might help you make a selection. Bake cupcakes to fill a cupcake stand, get a cake that you can top with an edible truck or cupcakes you can accent with airplane or car cupcake picks. There are other cake accessories available, so take a look, then browse the many favors and gifts that you can give to guests as they leave the party.

Best of all you don’t have to take a train, plane or automobile to get any of these supplies, we ship them to you.

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