PJ Masks Party Ideas

By Emily Churchill

Created on October 30, 2017

It’s time to be a hero! You’ll certainly feel like a superhero when you see the smile on your child’s face with this fun PJ Masks party! Your party guests will love stepping into Headquarters filled with easy DIY costumes, superhero training activities, and delicious breakfast foods – because after a night of saving the world, PJ Masks are sure to be hungry!

Cheryl from Moms & Munchkins styled, photographed, and wrote this PJ Masks Party for us. Stop by her blog to see tons of creative ways to put a party together, from the details to the big picture.


There are a couple of phrases used often in the PJ Masks cartoons that would work great on a party invitation:

  • It’s Time To Be A Hero!
  • Into The Night To Save The Day!
  • ‘Cuz Bedtime Is The Right Time To Fight Crime!

A fun way of staying on theme with PJ Masks is to invite guests to wear their pyjamas to the party. Kind of like an un-slumber party – guests wear their pyjamas to the party, eat breakfast foods and play slumber party games even if the kids aren't old enough to have an actual slumber party. If the kids are old enough then a slumber party might be the way to go, but plan on keeping the party theme going at the breakfast table the next morning.

Setting the Scene

A superhero party needs a superhero backdrop and the cityscape backdrop is perfect for that! You can mix this party up with a few PJ Masks supplies and some superhero party supplies to really create a unique party display for your child.

The PJ Masks website has plenty of free printables to help set the scene for your party including printable Gekko, Catboy, Owlette, Romeo, Luna Girl and Night Ninja masks. There are also free printables for a PJ Masks Birthday Banner, cupcake toppers and more to help set the scene for your party. You can also mix and match with some generic superhero party printables like photo booth props and cupcake toppers.

For an easy DIY project, create your own cityscape cupcake stands using this free cityscape printable and small boxes.

Party Food

Given that the superheroes wear their PJ uniforms to fight crime, a fun idea for party food would be to serve a breakfast buffet. Even if your party is held over dinner hours, little guests can never turn down sugary cereals and pancakes! Some tasty ideas for breakfast foods include:

  • mini boxes of cereals
  • plain and chocolate milk
  • mini donuts
  • donut holes labeled “Luna Girl’s Moon Rocks)
  • muffins
  • breakfast cookies
  • red, blue and green fruits (strawberries, blueberries and green grapes)
  • pancakes with syrup (could shape the pancakes like sticky-splats)
  • waffles with a variety of toppings
  • Pop Tarts

A colorful idea for a candy display is to set out science beakers filled with red, blue and green candies and label it “Romeo’s Secret Lab”.  Then dress up the other food items with free printable PJ Masks food holders like fry boxes for holding mini cereal boxes and plastic spoons, labels for juice boxes or water bottles, boxes for holding mini donuts, etc.  Plastic milk bottles with red, blue or green striped paper straws are a cute way to serve drinks at the party.

Party Activities

Keep those little superheroes busy saving the world with these fun hero training activities!

  • Balloons are always fun for kids and a great way to tie balloons into this theme is to fill black balloons with small wrapped candies and label them “bombs”. Each child could be given one “bomb” to pop to get a candy surprise. To fill the balloons, use some sort of wide mouth cylinder (like the top of a plastic pop bottle cut off) to carefully stretch the balloon open to put the candy in before inflating it.
  • A fun idea to get the kids active is to set up an obstacle course using items you have around your house like boxes to jump over, tables to crawl under, plastic traffic cones to run around, streamer paper “lasers” to try to climb through without touching them, and more. You could work in special references to the show like an “Owl Eyes” tasks using binoculars, a “Super Cat Speed” race, “Super Gekko Muscles” for a strength activity, etc. At the end of the game, you can award each participant one of these free printable PJ Masks Hero certificates and one of these PJ Masks mini award medals.
  • For a crafty idea, check out this easy no-sew cape tutorial for making your very own superhero cape! This would be a fun craft that the kids could take home with them as part of the party favors.

Party Favors

Kids are always excited about the party favors! With this theme, there are so many fun ways to tie in both PJ Masks and superheroes.

Get a quick lesson on who's who in the crime fighting world of these pyjama-clad kiddos. Their super powers will be revealed but so will their enemies!

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