Quick Activities

Quick Activities

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At the Party:

If you need a few activities to kill some extra time while the pizza is cooking, try these simple ideas:

Sausage Pizza: Give each child a pencil and a piece of paper. Set a timer for two minutes, and have your guests write as many words as they can make from the letters in the phrase, "Sausage Pizza."

I Made a Pizza: Have the children form a circle. Choose a guest to start the game by saying, "I made a pizza with [apples] on top." The topping must begin with the letter "A." The next guest to the right must repeat the sentence and add a topping that begins with the letter "B," and so on. The game continues around the circle until a player forgets the sequence, or until the group reaches the end of the alphabet. You can also choose to eliminate players who forget the sequence or repeat it incorrectly, and award a small prize to the last player who correctly says the sequence.

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