Pizza Party Ideas

by Emily Churchill

last updated 1/7/2019

Go with a crowd-pleaser party theme everyone will love, no matter what age and throw a pizza party!  Whether they like plain-jane pies or one with the works, guests will love the pizzeria you stage at your home base. You can easily splatter your party space with pizza printed products or go the DIY approach to create your own designs! Order up some pies from your favorite local pizzeria or host a make your own pizza station and you’re all set for some pizza party fun.

Follow our guide to throw a birthday celebration your little guy won’t forget, especially with his favorite food as center stage!

Pizza Party Invitations

Invite everyone to a slice of fun with pizza party themed invites personalized with your party details.

Pizza Party Decorations

Sometimes there can be too many chefs in the kitchen but in this case it’s oh so cute! Welcome each guest to their seat with their own chef apron and hat so they are dressed the part for your son’s pizzeria. Chances are they’re too young to grow their own mustache so pass out adhesive ones for those who want to give it a try.

Red pepperoni, black olives, green peppers and white mushrooms make great pizza toppings and easy shapes to make from colorful paper plates for your pizza party backdrop. Trim each plate and hang as a garland over the top of metallic curtains along with your oversized number balloon. Add on the name garland made with this black pennant garland to finish off the backdrop.

Make sure everyone stays within their own personal space by laying a placemat at each place setting. Fill it up with pizza themed tableware, adding a black cardstock mustache to the straw for a fun accent.

Turn yellow party hats into a head full of pizza with the help of paper scraps and a glue stick. See more on how to make these fun pizza party hats to match your party theme.

Pizza Party Food & Drink

Hmm what should you serve at a pizza party? Pizza, of course! If you go with the premade approach, stage them down the center of the table as the most delicious looking centerpieces you ever did see! Serve up a slice or two on pizza themed plates.

Skip the juice box and personalize their water bottles with custom wraps with your child’s name.

Bake up a cake that resembles the main meal. A pizza cake is easy to make from a round cake pan, red icing, white chocolate shavings and fruit leather toppings. Tip: ask your local pizzeria for an extra mini pizza box next time you get takeout and use the box to stage your cake to look more authentic.

If you’re looking to even out the meal with a healthier option, you can always create a “fruit pizza” with an assortment of fruit and yogurt toppings!

Pizza Party Activities

Need to keep your crew busy during party time? Make the main meal an activity in and of itself and create a make your own pizza station with all the toppings spread out in bowls. If you think your crew is not filled with a bunch of adventurous eaters, just order up some plain pies and try out some of these pizza party activities instead:

  • Decorate your apron station – Put out some fabric markers and let kids personalize their pizzeria uniform.
  • Pizza frisbee toss – Decorate Frisbees with a pizza design and take turns tossing them into the pizza box.
  • Pizza playdough – get some brand new Playdoh containers, mini rolling pins and cutters and let them create their own pretend creations (and don’t freak when all the dough ends up looking like a muddy brown color after playtime).
  • Felt pizza play – cut out topping shapes from felt and let them have creative playtime.

Pizza Party Favors

Skip the candy and little trinket favors for this pizza party. Let each guest take home their chef apron and hat and add a personalized tag to show your gratitude.

Tara from Spot of Tea Designs styled, photographed, and wrote this party guide! Stop by her blog to see the perfect ideas to top off any party!

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