Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean Party Ideas and Inspirations

If your child wants to spend their birthday partying on the Black Pearl, you can give them the party of their lives with these Pirates of the Caribbean party supplies! Whether your little one loves Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth Swan, or even Captain Barbosa, you can get decorations to cater to any taste with the items on this category page. You’re going to love watching your child get into sword fights and snappy banter when they’re in the Pirates of the Caribbean mood with these decorations.

You can start off their Pirates of the Caribbean party right when you send out our invitations and thank-yous to greet their friends with a swashbuckling flair! Your child is going to love filling out these cards to give their friends the news about their party with all their favorite Pirates of the Caribbean characters as messengers. You can also get decorations to fill up the party space with Pirates of the Caribbean characters, so that your child’s friends will see all their favorite faces from the movie in the wall decals and hangings on your little one’s big day. Then check out our balloons and pinatas!

You can make even the dessert into a supernatural treasure hunt, since the Pirates of the Caribbean tableware and cake supplies we have in stock will make your child feel like they’re feasting aboard the Black Pearl with Jack Sparrow and Barbosa! These plates and napkins are going to get all your child’s friends wanting to find treasure on the high seas with the signature witty flair of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

A birthday won’t be complete without a shout-out to the special kid, so you can get some personalization decorations that will make your child feel like the Pirates of the Caribbean characters are greeting them specifically. Put your child’s name all over the party to make it extra special, and then send their friends home with our favors and gifts to make them feel special too!

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