Pirate Birthday Party Ideas

By Emily Churchill

Created on June 14, 2016

Aaaaarrrgh ya ready to join our crew? There be treasure out there and we need your help discovering it! Pirate parties are timeless and perfect for both girls and boys. From searching for buried treasure to walking the plank, your guests will be ready to set sail with these pirate party ideas.

Pirate Party Invitations

If you really want to make a statement with your invitations and plan on handing them out, create a map in a bottle invite. With a little sand, a map themed invite rolled up with twine, and some coins, you can create a memorable invitation.

Red and white striped tablecloths make a great backdrop flanked by black tablecloth panels. Hang a tattered pirate flag so your guests will know where to find the booty.

Pirate Party Decorations

Decorate a simple tassel garland with pirate flags. All you need to do is take the tassels off the string, removing the flags from the dowels, slide tassels and flags in an alternating pattern and hang. When the party is over you can send your guests home with the flags by taking them off the string and placing them back on the dowels.

Pirate chests double as decorations and favor holders. Place some of the party favors in red and white polka dot bags, fill gold bar boxes with golden nugget gum, and set them in the chests. When the party is over, guests can fill their bags with the booty on the table: beads, candy necklaces, coin gum, and “gold doubloon” Rolos.

Use black balloons as cannon balls and set them in front of your table for decoration. Later in the party you can use the balloon cannon balls for a game.

Pirate Party Food

You can get really creative with food at a pirate party. Here are some suggestions and free party food tent printables:

  • Gold Doubloons - Rolos
  • Crown Jewels – Ring Pops
  • Crackers for Polly – Crackers
  • Captain’s Rum – Gummy Coke Bottles & Root Beer Barrels
  • Catch of the Day – Goldfish
  • Shark Bait – Swedish Fish
  • Extra Peg legs – Mini Sausages
  • Bucket O’Bones – Yogurt Pretzels
  • Cannon Balls – Black Gumballs
  • Buried Treasure – Cupcakes with gold covered OREO cookies and Golden Nugget Gum

For drinks you can serve Pirate Punch, Sea Water, or Grog.

Pirate Party Activities & Favors

Kids love to walk the plank. Use a sturdy board and secure to blocks, bricks, or crates at both ends. Fill the water with “crocodiles” using inflatable or plastic ones. If you want to make it a little more challenging have a couple grown up pirates squirt the scallywags with squirt guns while walking across the plank. Everyone who successfully walks across without falling wins a prize.

Pop the Cannon Ball – Set your balloon cannon balls outside and have your guests try to pop them by sitting on the balloons til they pop.

There are lots of games you can play at a pirate party but probably the most fun would be finding buried treasure. Create a treasure map and leave clues hidden in the yard. Each clue will take them to the next and ultimately to where you have hidden the buried treasure. This can be played as a group or in teams.

Dress for a Pirate Party

Dressing for a pirate party is easy and fun. All you really need are some eye patches, a red bandana to wrap around their heads, and a pirate hat. You can provide pirate wear to each guest and use them as party favors or you can ask them to come in costume. The best dressed pirate wins a prize.

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