Photo Booth Activity

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The best part about a party is the fact that everyone can have fun and look silly and take lots of pictures. Capture the magic of your party with a homemade Photo Booth.

What You'll Need:
  • Digital camera
  • Large piece of fabric, curtain, or shower curtain
  • Props such as fake pipes and mustaches made from card stock, picture frames, eyeglasses, top hats, cowboy hats, capes, and costumes
  • Inexpensive 4X6 inch frames
At the Party:
  1. Hang the curtain across a flat wall surface so that it covers floor to ceiling.
  2. Guests will take turns standing in front of the curtain at various times during the party or when they arrive.
  3. Encourage guests to wear or hold props and make silly faces and poses.
  4. After all photos have been taken, print them from your own printer or send them to a photo shop in your neighborhood to be printed before the party is over.
  5. Put photos in inexpensive plastic frames to give as a memorable party favor.

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