Personalized Party Supplies

When you add personalized items to your party, it shows that you have gone the extra mile to make unique and special. When guest walk through the door and are greeted with a large banner personalized with the birthday boy or girl's name emblazoned across it, they will know that the party is going to be great. It makes a very impressive addition to any party theme. There are so many birthday party supplies that you can personalize.

Personalized Banners

Pick out the perfect personalized party banner. Adding a personal touch that everyone will see can impress adults and excite kids. From simple "Happy Birthday" banners to really cool holiday banners, party stores have it all. Pre-order bigger banners online for bigger parties like Sweet 16 and Fun 21 birthday banners. These can include anything from people's names to holiday icons. Pick out orange and black for Halloween or red and white with green detail for Christmas. If you find yourself throwing a specialized party, simply match it to the theme! Get anything from cartoon characters to sitcom actors on your banner. Keep in mind to get the correct size. If you're hanging it up on the wall, find a banner size that covers most of the wall. Hanging over a doorway, you'll want to make sure it reaches either end with just a little slack in the middle for that sweeping look. Use it as the perfect welcome for all of your guests as they walk in the door or a spectacular backdrop to the countless photos that are sure to be taken! Keep your theme going with the next party necessity!

Invitations & Thank You Cards

It's easy to copy and paste on all of your invites, or simply drop a time, date and a location into a group chat, but if you're going all out on your party, sending physical and, more importantly, personalized party invitations to each of your guests is classy and fun! Make sure you have enough to go to everyone and the correct spelling of everyone's name. You also want to be sure you have the exact mailing address for all your guests. There isn't much of a point of the invite if they never get it! Be sure to keep the theme of your party going on your invitations. If it’s a Spiderman birthday party for your child, have Spiderman on the invite! If it's a spooky Halloween bash, pick out bats and pumpkins. If you're having an upscale holiday soirée, elegant typography and thick card stock is the way to go! If you're the type to include thank you notes after the party, be sure they either match the invite or have the same general color scheme or theme. The most important part about a thank you note is the personalized aspect of it! If they brought a gift, be sure to mention your thanks for that specific gift.


It may not be high on people's list of party must haves, but stickers have come a long way in party popularity, mostly due to people of all ages having a fascination with them and how versatile they are. Pick out stickers with the same cartoon character that is your child's birthday party theme and have them say all sorts of things! From using them as name tags to keep a party together at a public venue to enchanting children by seeing their TV hero saying their name, stickers are an easy treat. Stickers can also be personalized with special messages for each guest, or even used as a little thank you note with the party's theme tied in. Of course, stickers can be utilized in a variety of ways. While they're an easy fix for bored kids and a nostalgic delight for teens and young adults, turning them into a game for adults is all too easy. Handing out stickers to adults and getting them to stick them on each other with a prize for the most covered is a hilarious and easy way to add a bit of whimsy to your party!

Favors & Gifts

Goodie bags were the only good part about leaving a birthday party as a kid, so why pass them up as an adult? If you're throwing a Halloween party, set up a table of themed goodie bags and watch how fast they disappear to the delight of your fully-grown guests. Little holiday presents for everyone as they make their way home after a Christmas or Hanukkah party is the perfect way to be in the spirit of the holidays. And of course, no matter how old you are, getting a goodie bag after a birthday party is always fun. Of course, turning a goodie bag into a party favor is a simple change of style. After something bigger like a graduation or a wedding, party favors that keep in the theme of your party are a classy touch. The best part about all of this is having each one personalized to your guests. Sure, simple favors are fine, but why not make your guests feel really special and have their names on something in the bag, or even cater each favor to that person's likes and hobbies? If you're looking to make your party stand out, this is it.

Candy Favors & Containers

Keeping in line with personalized goodie bags is party-themed candy! Baby showers, birthdays, graduations and more can all be taken up a notch by getting candy or containers with personalized messages or having your party's theme printed all over it. Get candy bars that act as a gender reveal for a baby shower or order giant lollipops that have your party's theme and message declared on the wrapper. Have lovely swing-top jars printed with your daughter’s name and the date for Sweet 16 bashes and more. Beyond even that, if there is assigned seating for a party meal, including candy with your guests’ name on them as an excellent way to surprise and delight. Get containers of candy that goes with the theme of your party and personalize each container for your guests to take home! Personalized party supplies for birthdays is an excellent way to make the birthday boy or girl feel special, while still sending home all your guests with a treat and a smile.

Make your child’s birthday party a truly special one this year when you choose from some of our amazing personalization items! While favors, gifts, and goodies are always fun, do you know what’s even more fun? When you write your own personalized messages on them!

Start out with our personalized invitations, and make sure everybody receives a customized invite featuring your child’s favorite theme! Whether he or she loves Curious George, Star Wars, PJ Masks, or any other fun television or movie series, we certainly have you covered. 

When the guests arrive, they’re going to be thrilled by all of the fun personalization items you’ll have ready as gifts and party favors. From cute personalized candy containers and candy bars to stickers and bottles labels to bubbles and more – you’ll be able to write Happy Birthday messages to your wonderful little son or daughter using all of our awesome customizable items.

When the party is over and it’s time to say farewell, don’t let any of the guests leave without taking their party favors filled with even more fun personalized gifts, goodies, and games. Favor mugs, lip balm, buttons, bag tags, magnets and more – we have everything you need to make sure each and every kid feels as special as can be. Whether your child loves Tinkerbell, Minecraft, Disney princesses or another fun theme, we are sure to have the items you need to make these party favors a gift nobody forgets.
When the party has passed and gone, that’s when it’s time to send out the personalized thank you notes! Choose a note which matches the theme of your party, and remind everyone just how grateful you are that they were able to celebrate your son or daughter on the big day.

If you’re looking for an amazing set of personalization items for your child’s birthday, then look no further. Buy all of your customizable items today, and go make this birthday a day your child will never forget!

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