Peppa Pig Party Ideas

By Emily Churchill

Created on June 14, 2016

Peppa Pig Party Invitations

The guests have been chosen, so now it’s time to invite them! Let everyone know it’s time to go hog wild with Peppa Pig!

· Personalized invitations make letting your guests know about when and where to be, easy.

· The inclusion of Peppa right on the invite immediately informs the guest of the party’s theme!

Peppa Pig Party Decorations

Peppa Pig party decorations will make the party’s theme stand out, and the guests are sure to be snorting with happiness!

· Adding a blue backdrop to your party table makes for the perfect blue sky. Just add some clouds, a few trees and shurbs, and you’ve got a beautiful Peppa Pig day prepared for your guests!

· Officially licensed Peppa Pig tableware is right in line with the theme, and provides matching plates and napkins for your guests to use.

· Personalized Peppa Pig labels for guests’ boxes containing their lunches for the party are a great way to excite.

Peppa Pig Party Favors

The party goers need to have something to leave with as a reminder of how much fun they had at with the guest of honor and Peppa!

· Personalized party boxes can hold any of the sweets or goodies you’d like to give out to your guests.

· Peppa Pig lunchbox containers are the best way to hold sweets and treats that your guests will love, and they’re perfect for the Peppa Pig fans at the party!

Peppa Pig Party Treats

A hungry guest is a happy guest, so make sure that hunger gets satisfied with some awesome foods!

·         Colorful snacks like M&Ms and Skittles are a sweet favorite that match the theme.

· A classic cake is great, and multi-colored sprinkles on top are perfect way to make sure your cake matches the party, no matter the flavor!

· Pudding is a crowd favorite, and with little Peppa Pig cups, it’s a perfect match!

Peppa Pig Party Activities

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