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There are a lot of things to consider when throwing a party – cake, candles, decorations – but the fun doesn’t stop there. Every good birthday bash deserves a litany of games and party favors to commemorate the evening. The great thing about having party favors for your guests is that it allows visitors to make memories that are able to go home with them in a tangible way. Party favors don’t have to be a hodgepodge of random trinkets, although there is no reason why they can’t be, but why not go above and beyond with a party favor palate that matches your theme? Favors that fold into the theme of a party can elevate the experience for everyone involved. Imagine having an Avengers themed party for your child that sends every kid home with a Marvel aligned knickknack. We’re willing to bet those kids will be super pumped the next time your child starts handing out party invitations. We’re here to help you make that happen. Here are a few ways to incorporate party favors that work in your party’s favor.

There are plenty of ways to use party favors in a way that accents a celebratory event. It really all depends on what your intent is. The first thing you have to figure out is who will be in your audience? A wedding party, for example, could utilize trinkets that cater to adults in a way that serves a nostalgic purpose, while a superhero themed kid’s party can give the children in attendance the opportunity to become their favorite heroes by way of paper masks. The key with linking party favors to a theme is to not over think it but think outside of the box instead.

Light up their evening with glow-y bits and baubles like Multicolor LED Sunglasses and soda glasses instead. Or go full on crayons, colored pens, mini water color sets and activity books.

No matter what style of party you’re looking to create, we’ve got the party favors to take it to the next level. Birthdays are looked forward to because, let’s face it, kids love cake, pop, and ice cream. But give them a little something extra to add to their anticipation by being the type of host who makes sure every guest leaves with a handful of party favors that will translate to a lifetime of memories.

When it comes to throwing parties for boys there are a lot of available options. Obviously, we as parents, use our kid’s interests to build a theme that they will really enjoy. And when it comes to party favors, that line of thinking will never steer you wrong. For instance, if your little guy is a fan of action video games like Fortnite, then that theme can absolutely be accented with mini squirt guns and black binoculars that would inspire a battle royal style party. By the same token, a fan of more heady activities like puzzles and shows like Little Einsteins may enjoy a theme that revolves around puzzle cubes and activity placement mats. The point is, play to their hobbies in an effort to create a memorable experience that goes beyond the standard Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Items that can be used as birthday party favors are in endless supply. Literally, they can be anything. But there are a few that have stood the test of time. They tick every box when it comes to classic party favors. They match any theme, remain popular, and go over great. You know the ones we mean. Bubble blowers, for instance, absolutely fit the bill. But that doesn’t mean you have to pigeonhole your kid’s party with simple bubble bottles. Spruce things up a bit and find the right one for your child’s big day. Little builders may like Block Party Bubble Bottles while lovers of Disney movies would gravitate more towards a Mermaid Bubbles or Mickey on the Go Mini Bubble bottles.

Putting together a party for your little girl is by far the most adorable experience any parent can have. There are pink and frilly things everywhere. It’s cuteness overload. But don’t get sidetracked by the sheer rapture of surprising your special princess with a theme as bubbly and vibrant as she is. Instead, use that feeling to shape the party you are going to throw. If you are looking to build a literal princess theme, then a Princess Party Filled Favor Box – which includes a silver tiara, white pearl necklace, macaron lip gloss and a pink and purple swirl lollipop – offers a fantastic opportunity to fold all of the other girls in attendance into the loop. Or maybe you’d rather customize the giftbox yourself. Good thing we have a large selection of party favors aimed at helping you do just that.

Party games are a fantastic way to introduce favors while prodding people to get active and excited. And it’s easy to do. All you need to do is set up a smattering of classic party games that come with prizes! Pin the tail on the donkey becomes infinitely more fun when the winner gets bragging rights in the form of a take home trinket. Thankfully, we carry a long list of party games that can be made a bit more competitive with the addition of party favors. A child’s birthday party with one of our Inflatable Starfish Ring Toss Games paired with a Beanboozled Jelly Spinner Gift Box grand prize would make a sweet treat for the lucky winner. Of course, you don’t want to leave anyone out when it comes to getting prizes. That’s where fun, bulk, giftsets – like this 12-Pack Notebook Activity Set – come into play. That means everyone gets to have fun and no one leaves empty handed!

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