Favor Bags & Boxes

No child's birthday party is complete without party favors to give to the guests. The children love getting toys, stickers, candy, noisemakers, bubbles, and all kinds of other goodies in a Favor Bag or Favor Box. Because favors are so small and inexpensive it's easy to give the kids lots and lots of items. That means you'll need to make sure there's something to put them all in. Traditionally, kids get decorated cellophane baggies filled with favors and treats. But these days there are so many other options to choose from as well.

Buy Favor Bags And Favor Boxes For Your Party

Choose a container that fits with the theme of the party. Bags are always popular and come in solid colors as well as design or character prints. They're made of cellophane or paper, and come in different sizes to accommodate different needs. If you have lots of kids coming to the party get a package of twenty small baggies. If there are less kids or if you're giving lots of favors, get loot bags or gift bags.

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