Party Balloons

Theres nothing that charms kids (and adults!) quite like balloons, so stock up on the right set for your next birthday or family party youre sure to get everyone feeling more festive. With these fun floating decorations bringing up the mood at your party youll make all your guests at home at your celebration. We have such a dizzying variety of balloons you might not know where to start, but we also have some broad categories that will help you narrow down just what balloons will be perfect for your party. Whether youre having a baby shower, a kids birthday, or a graduation party, you can find the upbeat balloon decorations to get people in the mood for your event. Just place these birthday balloons everywhere around your party they can fit, and you’’ll be ready for a celebration people will talk about until your next one!

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If you have a theme for your next party, there’s no better way to get it across to your guests than with balloons! Whether your theme is a color scheme or a specific genre, you’ll have a strong tone for your party with these themed birthday balloons as part of your decor. Make a statement with balloons all of one color or put up balloons of complementary colors to make the whole event’s decorations pop with the coordinated look! Everyone will want to know how you put together such a consistent look for your event, and you can just tell them what you already know—balloons are everything.


These birthday balloons will go great either with decorations you’re purchasing just for this event or with classic decorations you use for everything. Whether you’re going with an old classic that all your loved ones will recognize or dazzling them with something they’ve never seen before, you can find a set of balloons that will fit in with the design scheme. If you’re throwing a party for someone, they’re going to be stunned at how much brighter the space looks when you lighten it up with the right balloons.

If you’re going for a color or a feeling, you can use the bright colors of our solid balloons to make the design that much more complete. You’ll find that our balloons come in just about any color you could want, from pastel to jewel tones, to the classic color wheel! Everyone will be struck by how professional your decor is going to look when you have these tasteful orbs of color making the space pop. Get these balloons as the finishing touch to your party’s color scheme and you’ll cement your spot as your neighborhood’s number on party decorator.


You can also complement a more specific theme with solid party balloons by taking the theme’s color scheme and mirroring them with the colors of your birthday balloons. If you’re having a baby shower, for example, you can use blue and pink balloons to spread the theme of your party all over the room without any extra hassle. Using a single color to tie together a larger theme across your many types of decorations is a great way to make everyone think you had a specialist do your event, when really it’s all thanks to your own great taste!

We even have a selection of party balloon kits that you can use to get your balloon design done in seconds! If you’re looking for birthday balloons designed with a specific style, you can just buy these and blow them up—it’s that easy! You can also find some coordinated colors to make your themes look more put together with no extra work on your part. Your guests are going to be wowed when they see that you put together such tasteful selections of party balloons, and you don’t have to tell them that you barely had to do anything to make it happen!


Give your party space that last finishing touch by putting up one of our balloon sets and watch your decor design rise above and beyond your neighbors’ decor game. Anyone who’s throwing a party in the weeks after yours had better know about our balloon kits too, or else they’re going to have a tough act to follow the party you throw with these! One of these decor kits will give you a professional looking party theme, all in one box of these festive balloons.

If you’re using our balloons for birthday parties, you should probably also get all the balloon accessories you’ll need to keep your party from floating away on you! Before you blow up your balloons by hand, consider one of these helium tanks to make it easy to put up all these beautiful decorations. You won’t have to exhaust your lungs blowing up these balloons yourself if all you have to do is use one of these machines to get them all in the air! You’ll also find arches that you can use to arrange these balloons on, so you can make professional quality balloon displays in minutes!


Check out the festive ribbons and balloon weights available on this page and you can make even the most classic balloon design look cuter. You can find weights and ribbons that will complement the colors on your balloons no matter what the theme or color scheme! It’s easy to put together a strong party design when you have these balloon accessories to add some color to each and every one of your decorations!

Looking for the perfect set of balloons for the party you’re hosting this year? Then look no further than our fun sets of balloons which will instantly make any special occasion an amazing time! 

Whether you’re throwing your child a birthday party or hosting a bridal shower for the bride-to-be, our wide variety of balloons are perfect for any kind of occasion. Star balloons, round balloons, foil balloons and more – we have all types of styles to decorate your party with. Whether you’re looking for solid colors – blue, black, yellow, pink, red, green, white, and more – or searching for a more fun themed style balloon, we certainly have you covered for the big day.

Throwing your child a magical birthday party this year? Then you came to the right place! From Paw Patrol to Batman to Minecraft to Peppa Pig – we have all of the fun themed balloons you need to make sure his or her birthday party this year is a night they’ll never forget! Transformers, Star Wars, The Little Mermaid, and My Little Pony – whatever your child’s favorite movie or television show is, we’re sure to have matching balloons to decorate with.
And don’t forget to look at our balloon kits too! Don’t worry about buying all of your balloons separately. With our special balloon kits, you will receive all of the balloons you need to make sure your child’s party decorations are as flashy and dazzling as ever. From the second the kids walk into your home, they’re going to be ecstatic!

If you’re on the hunt for balloons that will make everyone at your child’s birthday party smile, then you can’t go wrong with any of our fun balloon kits and sets. Buy your balloons today, and go make your child the happiest birthday boy or girl ever!

Mylar Balloons

If you want an even more accomplished decoration scheme at your next party, you can use our Mylar birthday balloons to spell out any message you want for the special person you’re celebrating! Any birthday party will be more festive when you put their name or their birthday number on the balloons, or you could find a way to make this new possibility your own! Whatever you want to say to your special person, you can make everyone wish you were throwing them a party by putting the message on these Mylar party balloons.

If you’re having your next party in a larger space, you can also put up multiple messages as part of a party game or to put up reminders of the birthday boy or girl everywhere people go. As your guests explore the space and see all the different balloon messages you’ve created, you’ll make them wish they’d thought of these Mylar balloons for their own party! Outdo everyone else’s balloon decorations when you put up these personalized balloons for your next shindig.

We have all kinds of birthday party balloons just waiting for you to use them for your best birthday bash yet. Check out our party balloons and see which ones are perfect for you!

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