Party Planning & Tips

There's so much to do when it comes to planning parties. You've got to send out invitations, choose the food, decorate for the occasion, entertain the guests, and the list goes on. Don't forget - Your friends at Birthday In A Box have the party guides you need. Every step of the way there's available checklists and suggestions to help plan out the perfect party no matter what theme you choose. There's tips and trick for piñatas, a helpful party planning timeline to keep you on schedule, a guide to napkin folding, and even birthday cakes and recipes! There's no shortage of helpful information to get rid of all your party planning stress. And if you need supplies, Birthday In A Box has a plethora of supplies and favors for every party!

Planning a party can be overwhelming. You might not know exactly where to start. But don’t worry, we can help you plan the party from its inception all the way to writing out thank you cards. We are also a one-stop shop for all your party needs so planning your celebration will be a breeze.

Start by checking out our Party Planning Timeline. It has all the steps you should follow, beginning at 6 to 8 weeks before the party. If you are a last-minute planner and it’s less than 6 weeks until your party, that’s ok, you can still have a great party. You just have to cut back on your expectations as you may not have enough time to order personalized invitations or book an entertainer.

Once you’ve read through the steps, you may want to add a few notes for things specific to your party. Then check Children’s Party Basics and Party Planning 101, which include links to theme party planning guides. The Kids’ Party Etiquette article has some helpful advice on things such as who to invite and how long a party should last as well as suggestions for party favors and games and activities. Additional ideas can be found in the Indoor Games and Crafts article and more advice can be found in the Party Planning Q & A.

Then check out our Suggested Party Supply List and decide what you want to make and what you want to buy. If you are baking your own cake, read our Birthday Cake and Recipes and Cupcake Recipe articles, which include not only recipes, but information on transforming an ordinary cake or cupcake into a themed dessert. Other articles include details on pinata tips and tricks, how to fold a napkin and how to inflate a helium balloon. These may sound like simple things to do but they can be quite tricky so take a look. 

Teaching good etiquette has become a lost art and we hope to revive that. Discuss our Gift Opening Tips with your child before the party, stressing how important it is to show their appreciation, even when they receive a toy they already have or don’t like.

Now you are ready to start planning your party, but don’t forget to have fun.

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