Outdoor Party Ideas

Ah, the great outdoors. If you spend time at the beach, in the yard tending to your garden, trekking through the jungle, or on the open seas, you know that there's no feeling comparable to taking in a deep breath of fresh air. In fact, sometimes it's great enough to make you want to celebrate! With help from Birthday in a Box, you can throw a party that celebrates your favorite place properly. Each Party Idea has everything laid out, with suggestions for every step of the way. So when you invite your guests, entertain and feed them, and finally send them on their way with a party favor, there's a guide that's there to help. You won't have to worry about any supplies or decorations because Birthday In A Box has everything you'll need when you plan that perfect party  for all your friends and family. There's a party theme for everyone, whether you want to be a jungle-exploring adventurer, or just hang out by the pool.

Few things are more rewarding than spending the day outdoors breathing in the fresh air. There are so many ways to enjoy your time outdoors. Take a hike in the woods, see colorful flowers and trees and watch birds and other animals. Collect shells at the seashore, surf the waves or build a sandcastle. Sail or swim in the ocean. Play your favorite sport. We can help you celebrate the time you spend outdoors, whether it is at an outdoor celebration or you are bringing the outdoors inside.

Spend some time at the shore or pool side at a Summer Sea party. Invite your friends and family using our delightful invitations. Relaxing by the pool or on the sand makes for a perfect summer day. Use our disposable tableware. There are no dishes to clean and nothing breakable either. Now that’s a perfect day! Go all the way to the ocean. Decorations include a shark photo prop, giant wall decals, sea animal shaped centerpieces and wall decorations and a 3D coral reef centerpiece. This party theme is for the host or guest of honor who longs to sail the seas. 

Trekking through the jungle is a grand adventure. Bring out the adventurer in your guests with Jungle Party decorations. A monkey party canopy and backdrops featuring jungle trees and foliage are a must. Add on a standing jeep photo prop and a tiki hut. Tableware highlighted by leopards and toucans help cement the jungle feel. 

Or join the circus. Vibrant personalized banners, canopy tents, shaped candy caddies, carnival booth standups and lively tableware illustrated with clowns and carnival games are all part of the theme, as are elephant-, lion-, and clown-shaped pinatas. Be a sport and plan a celebration after your kids next baseball, soccer or football game. Sports ball-shaped pinatas and tableware are the highlights of these themes. 

With our help, you can bring an outdoor adventure to your party space.

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