Outdoor Water Games Party Ideas

By Emily Churchill

Created on June 14, 2016

Dont let the lack of a pool force you out of the water game this summer. There are plenty of wet activities that will keep the kids cool and entertained using items you probably already have around the house. As the weather heats up, water play is the perfect way to amuse the little ones. Theres no need for adults to stand on the sidelines though. Make sure you dont let the kids have all the fun! Some of these ideas are competitive games that have a clear winner. If your kids arent quite ready for that, change the rules to make it more of a cooperative game. Weve also included some non-competitive games and water sensory activities for the younger set.  
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Musical Sprinkler Freeze: Turn on the lawn sprinklers and have a crazy dance party to your favorite summer music play list. When the tunes stop (have an adult switch off the music) all players should freeze right where they are. There is no winner for this game, but lots of wet giggles are pretty much guaranteed. Water Hose Limbo: How low can you go? Replace the traditional limbo stick with a steady stream of water from the hose. Take turns doing the limbo under the straight line of water. Keep lowering the hose until all but one player is soaked. Duck Races: Purchase a section of vinyl rain gutter and cut it in half. Place both gutters on a level surface. Each player gets a rubber duck and a hose turned to a similar setting. When the race starts, the players use the stream of water from the hose to push the ducks to the finish line. If this is too easy, use a squirt gun or spray bottle in place of the hose.  
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Water Balloons

Water Balloon Relay Race: Divide your players up into 2 equal teams and line them up. Each team will need a chair and a bucket of water balloons set up some distance away. The first player in line must run to the chair, place a water balloon on it, and sit on the balloon. When the balloon pops, its time to run back to the line and tag the next player to release them to repeat the process. Youll have a winner when the last player on a team crosses the finish line with a wet backside. Batting Practice: Give the batter a plastic bat and have an adult pitch small water balloons to them. A home run will make a huge splash! Dodgeball: A watery alternative to the classic game, this activity could inspire some serious competition. Split your group into two teams and give each of them a bucket of water balloons. Have the opposing teams face each other and start firing away. If you get hit, youre out. The last dry player wins!  
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Water Guns

Squirt Gun War: Hand out water pistols and give the troops orders to soak the enemy. For a fun twist, give each player an inexpensive white t-shirt to wear. Fill the guns up with water tinted with food coloring. Each player can have his or her own color or you can have a color for each team. Compare the color-splashed shirts at the end to see who soaked whom. Beach Ball Race: Decide on a course and mark the finish line. The two players each need a water gun and beach ball. Place the balls at the starting line and when its time they each try to push their ball over the finish line using only the spray from the squirt gun. Splash Hide and Seek: This one is just like you remember it, except the seeker has a Super Soaker. Players will want to hide really well or theyre going to get very wet when they are found.  
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Sponge & Bucket

Overhead Sponge Relay: Form a single-file line with everyone facing forward. Put a sponge in a bucket of water at the head of the line and a container with a predetermined fill mark at the back of the line. When its go time, the player at the head of the line picks up the soaking wet sponge and passes it back over his or her head to the player behind them. This continues until the sponge reaches the back of the line and that last player squeezes as much water out of the sponge into the pitcher as possible. When the sponge is wrung out, the back player should run the sponge to the front and pass the sponge back again until the water reaches the fill line. Form 2 lines/teams to make this one competitive. Drip, Drip, Splash: The game Duck, Duck, Goose is pretty tame, but Duck, Duck, Goose with a sopping wet sponge is sure to be popular on a hot day. Have everyone sit in a circle and choose one person to be the picker first. The picker walks around the outside of the circle while holding the dripping sponge over the other players heads. The chant "drip, drip, drip..." should be repeated until they get to the person they want to "SPLASH"!  
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Sensory Activities

Frozen Treasure: Freeze small objects in ice cubes. Put the cubes into a plastic bin with a little bit of water to get things started. Let the kids slowly discover whats inside as the ice melts. Toy Wash: Put all of the washable toys outside and provide a bucket of sudsy water, a hose, scrub brushes, and sponges. The younger kids will love it and the happy bonus is that the toys will be clean at the end! Water Wall: Build one of these for hours of summer entertainment. Use a collection of plastic tubing, funnels, bottles, pool noodles, and more. Plan out your configuration and attach everything to a fence, deck railing, or pegboard with zip ties. Provide tubs of water and cups for pouring.

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