One Direction Trivia Challenge


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Test your One Direction knowledge with our 1D trivia party game. Name songs, answer questions and have fun with your fellow music fans! Play in teams or keep track of each players tally of correct answers to select a winner.

What You'll Need:
  • One Direction music
  • Trivia questions and answers

Sample Trivia Questions:

  1. Q: On what TV show did One Direction make its big break? A: The X Factor

  2. Q: Name all the 1D members. A: Harry, Zayn, Liam, Niall, and Louis

  3. Q: What does Zayn's Arabic tattoo mean? A: "Be true to who you are"

  4. Q: Who is the youngest member of One Direction? A: Harry Styles

  5. Q: What item does Liam have a fear of? A: Spoons

  6. Q: What was 1D's debut single?A: "What Makes You Beautiful"

  7. Q: Which One Direction member wanted to be a lawyer before joining the band? A: Harry Styles

  8. Q: Which band member's birthday is on Christmas Eve? A: Louis

  9. Q: Which member of the band is oldest? A: Louis
You can also play short clips (about 2-4 seconds) of One Direction songs and ask guests to identify them.

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