Olivia the Pig Party Ideas

Olivia the Pig Party Ideas Bookmark and Share Turn your little one's ho-hum party into Olivia's Big Birthday Party Adventure with these Olivia Party Ideas. Irrepressible and spirited, Olivia the Pig dreams big. So, take your child's big party ideas and mix them with ours to create an Olivia Party to remember! From polka dots to tiaras and everything red, red, red, we've included absolutely, positively wonderful ideas for Olivia Decorations, Olivia Party Favors, party supplies, and oodles of Olivia games and activities to keep your birthday guests busy! Shop our Olivia Party Supplies. Browse this guide: Olivia Invitations & Planning Olivia Party Decorations Olivia Party Food Olivia Favors Olivia Planning Toolbox Olivia Games & Activities

Planning & Invitations

What Do I Need For my Olivia Party? Want to get to know Olivia better before you Olivia Party? Learn all about this pretty pig on her official site and incorporate her big personality into your Olivia Party! In addition to basic Olivia the Pig party supplies, like plates, cups, napkins and decorations, you may want to consider purchasing, borrowing or renting the following items for your Olivia party: Olivia Party Invitations Invite your guests to your Olivia the Pig party with our Personalized Olivia invitations. Want to try your hand at making your own Olivia party invitations? Creative invitations build excitement and set the mood before the party even starts! If you have time to make your own, consider these suggestions for your Olivia the Pig party invitations:
  • Attach a card-style invitation to one of our personalized Olivia party supplies and hand deliver them to your guests. Our personalized Olivia the Pig invitations work great with this idea! Just punch a small hole in one corner of the invitation and attach it to the bag with matching curling ribbon.
  • Include an Olivia temporary tattoo with your invitations and seal your Olivia the Pig party invitation envelopes with our personalized Olivia stickers which you can print with the party details or fun message!
  • Write "Olivia's Rule of Life # 8: Never Miss a Very Important Party" on a piece of white cardstock in red ink. Decorate it with red lace or construction paper and write your party details on the back.
  • Dress the birthday child up in red, black and white to look like Olivia and take a picture. You can even add some cute pig ears or a sparkly tiara. Use your computer to edit the photo into an invitation using editing software. Add the party details and a fun greeting.
  • Try using a fun rhyme on your Olivia party invitations:We're having a party with Olivia the Pig,We'll eat tasty food and dance a jig. There are crafts to make and games to be won, So come to Lucy's party and join the fun!
  • Ask all your guests to wear something red to the party to match Olivia's fabulous fashion!

Decorating & Food Ideas

Olivia Party Decorations One of the Olivia books' most notable aspects is the striking red, black and white imagery. Use solid colors as well as stripes and polka dots as a base for your Olivia Party Supplies. Here are a few more decoration ideas for your Olivia Party:
  • Welcome your guests to your Olivia the Pig party with a Personalized Olivia the Pig banner hung in an open doorway.
  • Type up or use crayons to write Olivia's Rules of Life on cardstock squares. You can tape the Rule cards around the party or use them as placemats at the food table. Remember Rule 100: "Red is the best color for absolutely, positively everything!"
  • Hang red, white and black crepe paper streamers around the party area. Add polka dot and red star balloons to your Olivia party decorations.
  • Base your Olivia party decorations off of one specific Olivia book to add a special spin on your Olivia theme. Try using Olivia Saves the Circus as your theme and add circus party supplies such as circus cupcake wrappers, circus birthday banners, and circus sipper cups in addition to basic black and red Olivia party decorations.
  • Make each guest a simple placecard with their name by folding a small square of thick paper in half. Punch a hole in one corner of the placecard and thread a piece of red curling ribbon through the hole. Tie the ribbon into a bow. You can also provide a personalized Olivia Party placemat for each guest for them to take home after the party.
  • Attach felt or construction paper pig ears on a headband or paper party hats.
Olivia Party Food Ideas Here are some of our favorite Olivia the Pig party foods for your guests to enjoy!
  • Make piglet cupcakes by taping construction paper ears onto toothpicks and pressing them into our red velvet cupcakes. Frost your cupcakes in red, black and white to match Olivia's colors. Alternatively, you can frost your cupcakes in pink and decorate them to look like Olivia's face! Use a marshmallow covered in pink frosting for a snout and pipe on eyes and a smile.
  • Serve Olivia the Pig theme party foods such as pigs in a blanket and spaghetti. Red foods also work great for an Olivia the Pig party. Try a red bean dip, lasagna and other pastas with red sauce, red gelatin, tomato soup, red licorice, pepperoni pizza, salsa, and tomato & mozzarella salad. Try putting an Olivia the Pig twist on traditional foods by placing fun labels in front of them: Piggy Mashed Potatoes, Olivia's Mac n' Cheese, etc.
  • Cut sandwich bread into pig-shaped pieces with a cookie cutter and spread peanut butter and strawberry jam over them to make red Olivia party sandwiches.
  • Create an all red fruit and veggie tray for your Olivia Party with cherries, apples, strawberries, raspberries, peppers, tomatoes, and craisins.
  • Clean several strawberries, cut off the bottom, and core them. Place the strawberries tip-up and slice an X into the strawberries halfway down. Fill each strawberry with whipped cream.
  • Red is the best, so serve red drinks like fruit punch, cranberry juice, pink lemonade and red sodas.

Party Favor Ideas

Olivia Party Favors Send your guests home from your Olivia the Pig party with fun Olivia party favors! Here are a few Olivia the Pig party favor ideas to leave your guests smiling:
  • Fill our polka dot favor bags with piggy favors.
  • Use a necklace craft kit to let guests create their own Olivia inspired jewelry! You can make edible red and white necklaces by stringing oat circle cereal bits on a piece of string.
  • Hand out pink piggy banks filled with candy and other small favors.
  • You may want to consider complete Olivia Party favor sets or personalized Olivia favors for your Olivia Party.
  • Give your Olivia Party guests a Nick Jr. Olivia Coloring Page to color and bring home!
  • Print free Olivia paper jewelry from Nick Jr. to wear at your Olivia party.
  • Our Olivia Theme supplies page has tons of great party favors. Just go to our Olivia Party Supplies and click on the Party Favors tab or More Fun Stuff tab to find fun favors like:
    • Personalized bookmarks, zipper pulls and bag tags
    • Toys and stuffed animals
    • Olivia placemats
    • Pig silly straws
The Olivia name and all related characters and elements are the property of Chorion, Ian Falconer and Nick Jr. This guide is not affiliated with or endorsed by Chorion, Nick Jr. or the author.

Party Planning Toolbox

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