Olivia Party Headbands

Photo of Olivia Pig Headband Craft

Olivia the Pig has a big imagination. Let your Olivia party guests pretend to be party pigs with these super cute Olivia party headbands!

You Will Need:

  • Pink, pig-colored construction paper
  • Markers, pens, colored pencils and other decorations
  • Tape, staples or glue
  • Scissors
  • Cut a band of construction paper long enough to wrap around your party guest's head.
  • Fold a piece of construction paper in half. Draw a pig ear shape on one side and cut it out while the paper is still folded. You should end up with 2 ears.
  • Position the ears on the side of the band so that they point outward. Roll over about 1/3 of the top of the ear and pinch the base. Staple the pinched fold so that it stays in place.
  • Fold the base of the ear up about half an inch to make an area you can attach to the band. Staple, tape or glue the half-inch fold to the headband.
  • Add bows, polka dots, plastic gems or other decorations as desired. Try writing the name of each Olivia party guest on the headbands to use these as personalized Olivia party hats! Alternatively, let guests make their own headbands as an Olivia party activity.

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