Olivia Oatmeal Drums Craft

Photo of Oatmeal Drum Craft

Olivia is always doing something new! Create some Olivia party drums and noisemakers with just an oatmeal carton and some creativity with this fun Olivia craft.

You Will Need:

  • Several empty oatmeal cartons
  • Markers, paint, pens, colored pencils and other drawing utensils
  • Glue
  • Construction paper
  • Lots of red yarn, beads, pom-poms and other decorations
  • Dried, uncooked beans (optional)

Before the Party:
  • Wrap each oatmeal carton in a solid color of construction paper or paint each a solid color. Let glue or paint dry completely.
  • Glue the top onto the oatmeal carton. Optionally, you may place dried beans inside the carton before gluing on the top so that the drum can also act as a maraca! You may want to paint the top and bottom of the drum red to match your Olivia Party theme.

  • Give each Olivia party guest a drum to decorate.
  • Let guests decorate with red polka-dots, markers and yarn.
  • When all your guests are done decorating, make a drum circle and experiment with different drum beats. How does the sound change if you hit it in the middle then hit it near the edge? Does it sound different when you use pencil drumsticks than when you hit it with your hand? Put on an episode of Olivia and let your Olivia party guests tap out a beat along to the Olivia theme song!

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