Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing Printable

What You'll Need:

  • 6 Paper Clips
  • A 3' Length of String
  • A Magnet
  • A Stick
  • Our Gone Fishing Cut-Outs
  • A Pen or Pencil
  • Scraps of Paper

  1. Print a copy of our Gone Fishing Cut-Outs, and cut them out.
  2. Attach a paper clip to each fish, shark, or octopus.
  3. Tie one end of the 3' string to the stick, and tie the other end around the magnet.
  4. Put the fish, sharks and octopus in a box or behind a sofa
  5. Make a list of funny activities and write each on a separate slip of paper. Some examples include:
    • Make a fish face.

    • Do 5 leap frogs.

    • Sing Row, Row, Row Your Boat.

    • Do 6 jumping jacks.

    • Pat your head and rub your tummy 3 times.

At the Party:
  1. Let each guest take a turn using the pole you made to fish in the box or behind the sofa.
  2. When a child catches something, identify the fish. (If more than one is caught, throw one back.)
  3. If the child has caught an octopus or a shark, let him or her choose a prize.
  4. If the child has caught another type of fish, have him or her pick a funny activity from the pile.
  5. The child gets a prize after performing his or her activity.

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