Occupational Party Ideas

Growing up, each one of us has a dream job. We envision becoming doctors, lawyers, scientists, rock stars, firemen, and so many more. The list of jobs we dream about as children is almost endless. Whether your child dreams of performing as a ballerina, wrangling outlaws as a cowboy, or making people laugh and cracking jokes as a clown, there's a way to throw a party that fits that dream. Hosting parties can be strenuous, and Birthday in a Box has a party guide to make your planning process go as smoothly as possible. Every step of the way there's a checklist and suggestions to help you craft the perfect party, from the invitations to the decorations to the games and activities. There are even suggestions for themed party favors - hats for your cowboys and cowgirls, guitar bubbles for your little rock star, and even slingshot rockets for your favorite scientist! Make sure to check out all of the occupational-themed party supplies Birthday In A Box has to offer, most of which can be found on our Kids Birthday page.

What did you want to be when you were a kid? Rock star? Fire fighter? Scientist? Cowboy? Ballerina? All are worthy occupations and even if you ended up on a different path, the dream was worth dreaming, so encourage your kids to dream too.

Next time you host a party, celebrate everyday heroes with our fire fighter theme. Tableware designs include red, gold and yellow plates and napkins and a table cover with flame border. Other themes have firetrucks and dalmatians and included plates shaped like a helmet and red cups shaped like fire hydrants. Turn your space into a firehouse with decorations like a fire engine photo prop, firetruck wall decals and red, black and yellow decorations and balloons. But before you start trimming the room, make sure everyone on your guest list has received a custom-printed firetruck invitation. When the celebration is over, your budding firefighters deserve parting gifts. Give them a personalized firefighter coloring book and a firetruck truck-shaped favor box filled with crayons, candies and other goodies. 

Dance to your ballerina party, which can be a birthday party, a celebration with your child’s dance class or other occasion. Hang up a ballet shoe-shaped pinata and decorate the party space with hanging ballet shoe decorations, a ballerina centerpiece and other pink accents. Reusable favor cups, pink blow outs, and stickers are just some of the gifts you can give to the guests 

The army theme features many camouflage items including favors, invitations, decorations, pinatas and tableware. A tank shaped balloon and hanging tank, chopper and jet plane swirl decorations are also available. 

Did you ever want to run away to the circus? It will feel like you did when you decorate with our carnival scene set, featuring kids-sized stand up ticket, lemonade and candy booths. A circus canopy tent and snack caddies shaped like Ferris wheels and circus tents add to the show. 

Construction worker, cowboy, rockstar, spy and scientist are some of the other themes that can make a great party. We have a lot of party supplies and many ideas and inspiration so take a look.

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